Monday, April 30, 2012

Flying an aircraft at home with flight simulator game

Flying an aircraft at home with flight simulator game Flight Simulator GameIt sounds bit surprising that one can fly an airplane at home.

Actually this is true all because of the flight simulator game.

With the advancement of the technology, this had been the best development so far in the history of computer games.

It is based on realism, thus giving a real life feeling to the player.

Be it the fleet of aircrafts or the background sceneries or the cockpit or even the control system.

Everything is just so real looking that anyone who plays these games can easily get confused with the real and the illusionary game play.

There are thousands of aircrafts, with all shapes and sizes, with the recent and the oldest technologies and with different control systems for different purposes.

For example, there are fighter planes as well as the commercial planes.

There a wide range to choose from.

When the player wishes to play the flight simulator game, the minute they start to play, first of all the cockpit attracts the attention with its almost real like yoke, radio system and several other instruments.

Secondly, the background sceneries look very impressive and natural.

Even the game software is well updated with the maps also.

Not only this it has also has the day and night effects in it which make it even more addicting for the players as they just want to keep playing without taking breaks.

Another good feature of the flight simulator game is that if you choose a commercial plane to play with, there will be proper announcements made by the flight crew that can be heard.

Not only this, you as a player of the flight simulator game can chose a space ship and go in the space also.

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