Friday, April 20, 2012

Frequent Causes for Excessive Sweating & Ways to Control Excessive Sweating

Why do people sweat? To start-with, sweating is normal as everyone have sweat glands that secrete salty fluid. It's a process that keeps us cool. In fact, the intensity of sweat varies with person
depending on the number of sweat glads, each one of us have more than a million. We naturally believe men have
more sweat glands as they sweat often profusely. In reality it's vice-versa – women have more sweat glands yet man's glands are more active.

Do you know when we sweat? Usually people sweat when they are hot, or excited, nervous and anxious. Though sweating is a natural phenomena,
sometimes it needs attention. That's when, excessive sweating also comes with weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc and might need immediate medical assistance.

Excessive sweating could indicate menopause, or even hyperthyroidism. If you sweat profusely, intake of liquids very often is important. This way you could replenish the fluids lost by way of sweating.

Other common reasons could be one of the below. Anyways, it's not a condition that cannot be improved. There are several steps that could control excessive sweating.

Sweating – Primary Causes:

- caffeine
- alcohol consumption or withdrawal
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

These are the main causes of sweating. Hyperhydrosis is a possibility if none of the above reasons point to you. There is nothing to worry with this, as it just means the sweat glands are hyper
active. If you consult a doctor and get diagnosed it would be more than enough.

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