Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Daily Brief: GDP Growth Down, CISPA Passes House, Blind 'Barefoot Lawyer' Escapes

Friday, April 27, 2012
House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Bill
Senate Investigation Finds Little Evidence That 'Torture' Is Effective
Bombs Not Food: Republicans Aim To Save Military By Cutting Food Stamps
And The World's Top Phone Maker Is...
Blind 'Barefoot Lawyer' Flees House Arrest
Sec. Arne Duncan: Lower Student Loan Interest Rates
As we work to get the economy back on track, no one is suggesting it would be a good idea to double interest rates on credit cards or home mortgages. Why then do some believe it's a good idea to double interest rates for students?
Mariska Hargitay: Violence Against Women Act Helps Restore Lives
VAWA has protected, improved and restored lives. Reauthorization sends the message that our communities, our families -- and all people -- must be safe; that survivors must have the tools to heal and reclaim their lives; and that breaking the cycle of violence is an unassailable national priority.
Michael R. Bloomberg: Improving Financial Stability in America's Cities
Public-private partnerships have been critical to New York City's ability to pioneer innovative new policies and programs. We hope that giving people the tools they need to help themselves is not only a compassionate policy, it's a smart investment in our future.
Antonio Villaraigosa: SB1070: The Problem, Not the Answer
We don't need a confusing patchwork of 50 state immigration laws. We need a federal solution. This is what both common sense and the Constitution require.
Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: The No. 1 Cheapest Solution To Stress
Once you start to see the details in your life through the lens of gratitude, you will find yourself happier and less stressed. No extra time or fancy equipment needed -- gratitude is yours for free!

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