Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gawd! Another Gold Guide

So, there's a new gold guide on the market. It's called Hit Gold Cap and it claims to do just that – help you hit the gold cap. The guide is far shorter than most modern gold caps, including only five short chapters or "modules" that are designed to show players how to set up their account, use their add-ons and then make over 214,000 gold in less than a few weeks.
The idea behind the guide is not surprising. If you've been in a big guild before with a greedy guild leader or have seen anyone that players the game 50+ hours a week, you know that it is not impossible to approach the gold cap. The surprising part is that the guide can claim to help you get there with such a succinct guide and so little information beyond the basics.
But, the word going around is that the Hit Gold Cap guide not only works, it works really well. There are multiple strategies here that could only have come from the mind of someone who had studied or worked in economics. The ideas are very "real world" oriented, showing players how to transfer gold between multiple characters, use arbitrage to transfer wealth between characters, factions, and realms, and a dozen strategies for how to use the Auction House to great effect, making gold when others are losing it.
Anyone out there interested in making gold without farming or questing (which is so dull these days – let's face it), should take a look at this guide. It's short, it's succinct, and it apparently works quite well for those with the energy and patience to use it.

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