Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Rest Can Help You Improve Your IQ

Sleep along with air water and food, is one of the vital constituent of life, an ingredient without which no living creature can survive. The humans are also affected by the amount and quantity of sleep they get. Generally, an eight hour period of deep sleep per night is enough for the human body to function properly. Receiving less amount or lower quality of sleep can seriously affect the way in which the body acts and can result in a poor state during the day, and eventually to serious conditions which can irreversibly damage one's health.

Yet, not only the body has to suffer from sleep deprivation. Whether we are talking about acute sleep deprivation (lack of appropriate amount and quantity of sleep for a short period of time) or chronic sleep deprivation (long-term lack of sleep), its effects upon human brain are serious and should be seriously considered.

Mental illnesses, such as psychosis and bipolar disorders are thought to have as main factor sleep deprivation. This is why, if you want your brain to function properly and increase its capacity of accumulating new information, as well as expanding its ability to solve more difficult problems, you should start giving sleep more attention. Thus, it is highly important that you sleep around eight hours every night. This is an approximate period, as there are people who feel relaxed after sleeping only seven hours every night, while other people require nine hours to feel fresh and ready for a new day.

Also, it is necessary to take into consideration the quality of sleep you get. An agitated sleep, with alternative periods of being wake and sleeping will not going to offer you the necessary relaxation. For this reasons, if you are not sleeping well, you should see its cause (the bed, the way in which your room is positioned or excessive worries) and try to solve them. Only this way will you be able to have a good night sleep and offer your brain the necessary rest, without which it cannot function properly, let alone increase its IQ.


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