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Obama echoes conservatives on 'activist' court
San Francisco Chronicle
Washington -- It may be too little too late, but the Obama administration is using conservative legal ideas to win support from Supreme Court justices - and the general public - for its signature health care law. President Obama predicted last week ...
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Fight between 'blue' and 'red' conservatives may turn air purple, political ...
Calgary Herald
The Wildrose juggernaut that now threatens to bring down the Tory dynasty was painstakingly constructed over the past five years by disaffected blue Tories, with help from key strategists allied with Stephen Harper's federal Conservatives.
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Some conservatives throwing Derbyshire under the bus
At the Daily Caller, conservative pundit Matt Lewis writes, "In one fell swoop (actually, Derbyshire has a history of flirting with this sort of thing, but it has finally caught up with him), he has done more harm to the conservative cause than any ...
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National Review Axes Conservative Columnist , John Derbyshire for Racist Column
The Moderate Voice
National Review has fired popular conservative columnist John Derbyshire over a column that was racist. The only question is whether it was satire that was racist or serious or partially serious commentary that was racist. But National Review (living ...
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The Moderate Voice
John Derbyshire, National Review and Conservatives' Race Problem
The Nation. (blog)
Conservatives may hope that by cutting Derbyshire loose they can avoid being associated with views such as his. But the truth is that their relationship with the racist right wing fringe is far deeper and more complex than any one writer.
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The Nation. (blog)
Tea partyers press to oust long-serving GOP Sens. Lugar, Hatch as not ...
Washington Post
Lugar and Utah's Orrin Hatch, 78 and sent to Capitol Hill in the same year as Lugar, are tea partyers' top Senate Republican targets for defeat this year, portrayed as old bulls out of touch with today's conservatives. They are the GOP's two most ...
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Conservatives energized as session nears end
Annapolis Capital
Conservatives - including both Democrats and Republicans - vowed before the bill passed that they would force same-sex marriage onto the November ballot for a voter referendum. It will be on the ballot with the Dream Act, the 2011 law to let illegal ...
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Is the end near for Tories, or is it 1993 all over again?
Edmonton Journal
EDMONTON — Conventional political wisdom says the Conservatives need a firm grip on just one of the two big cities — Calgary or Edmonton — and a solid base in rural Alberta to win an election. For 40 years, the party could count on at least two out ...
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BurkaBlog :: Conservatives continue push for winner-take-all primary
By paulburka
Five prominent conservatives have signed a TEF e-mail headlined "Texas' role in choosing the president." It calls for a winner-take-all Republican presidential primary, rather than awarding the state's 155 delegates based on proportionality, ...

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Under pressure, Santorum huddles with conservatives | Reuters
Tumbling in the polls and under increasing pressure to abandon his White House campaign, Republican Rick Santorum huddled with conservative leaders and ...

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