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Conservatives target Senate, not WH
Rick Santorum is out, it is time for conservatives to get serious about the 2012 general election. President Barack Obama is leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 51 percent to 42 percent, according to the recent Gallup poll of the 12 swing ...
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Santorum says he was the only true social conservative in the race
Los Angeles Times
Hours after dropping out of the presidential race, Rick Santorum said Tuesday night that he was the sole candidate in the GOP field who had been willing to go beyond a perfunctory commitment to socially conservative causes. Though the other candidates ...
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Social Conservatives Don't Rush To Romney
By Paul SteinhauserCNN Political Editor (CNN) -- Some leading social conservative groups are praising Rick Santorum following his suspension of his Republican presidential campaign. But their reaction Tuesday didn't mention Mitt Romney, ...
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In Defeat, Santorum Becomes Conservative Champion
Rick Santorum has established himself as one of the dominant conservative voices in America, particularly when it comes to social issues such as abortion and birth control. Santorum announced Tuesday that he is suspending his quest for the presidency.
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Conservative groups back Sen. Lugar's rivals
Politico's Alex Burns explains why certain conservative groups are launching attack ads aimed at longtime GOP Sen. Dick Lugar criticizing his stance on gun rights, tax hikes and government bailouts. >>> in today's politico briefing, conservative groups ...
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With Santorum suspending campaign, some religious conservatives wonder how to ...
CNN (blog)
Farris' reaction is a stark emblem of the disappointment among religious conservatives over Santorum's announcement, and a reminder that Romney's enthusiasm deficit among the conservative evangelicals who form the GOP's base hasn't gone away.
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Santorum exits: But conservatives remain decidedly unenthused by Romney
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Mr. Santorum leaves behind a formidable coalition of religious conservatives worried about social and moral corrosion and feeling the effects of the recession more sharply than Mr. Romney's supporters. The former Massachusetts governor does not speak ...
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Hey Etch-A-Sketch-Conservatives, Time to Resurrect Some Honesty ...
By Leo Gerard
Oddly for the party that claims conservative Christians as key constituents, O'Keefe's misbehavior is celebrated by GOP talking heads — the likes of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. That encourages copycats. The New York Times last week told ...
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The Political Environment: Conservatives Will Love Ozaukee County ...
By noreply@blogger.com (James Rowen)
I'm in the minority and I really don't care. Liberal newspaper editorial boards all across Wisconsin (and all other states for that matter) beg, plead, and hope for large voter turnouts on Election Day. Not me. I prefer a smaller, more educated ...
The Political Environment
Social conservatives don't rush to Romney after Santorum news ...
By A.Killough
(CNN) -- Some leading social conservative groups are praising Rick Santorum following his suspension of his Republican presidential campaign. But their reaction Tuesday didn't mention Mitt Romney, the all-but-certain GOP nominee with ...
CNN Political Ticker
Conservatives to Romney: Don't Take Us for Granted - Washington ...
By WSJ Staff
Evangelical and conservative leaders warned Mitt Romney against taking Santorum supporters for granted.
Washington Wire
How Conservatives Lost Their Faith In Science | Prose Before Hos
By Article of the Day
Statistics indicate that conservatives' confidence in science as an institution has declined dramatically since 1974.
Prose Before Hos

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