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Conservative Crack-Up
Huffington Post
2012 is the year of the great conservative crack-up. It began with Republican front-runner Donald Trump parading across the nation like Sherlock Holmes promising to reveal that the president is not an American. It will end with Romney, ...
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Conservative popularity falling in wake of recent criticism: poll
Montreal Gazette
OTTAWA — After enduring weeks of criticism over robocalls, the F-35 and the budget, the federal Conservative party is virtually tied with the NDP in public opinion, suggests a new Ipsos-Reid poll conducted exclusively for Postmedia News and Global TV.
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Conservatives Hold on to Power in Korea
New York Times
Politically active young South Koreans tended to regard her as a lackluster politician who depended more on nostalgia among older conservatives for her father's days than on her own platform. Jabbing at her family background and at her habit of ...
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Conservatives Shoot Both Feet Attacking Rosen's Sexuality
Are conservatives trying to lose their death grip on the hearts and minds of women and the men who love them? They had a good talking point in Hilary Rosen's statement that Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life." @CatholicLeague: Lesbian Dem ...
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Two leading social conservative groups back Romney
CNN (blog)
The moves may be the first indications of social conservatives coalescing around Romney after their first choice, Rick Santorum, dropped out of the race. In backing the former Massachusetts governor and all but certain GOP presidential nominee, ...
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Unsolved Mysteries: Why Were Conservatives So Enamored of Rick Santorum?
Almost to a column, editorial and news account, the analysis centered on Santorum's somewhat successful capture of conservative voters. And there lies the mystery. How could a man seemingly so opposite of conservative have entranced so many voters who ...
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Redford forced to defend PC record in Alberta leaders' debate
National Post
Although there were no knockout punches, Ms. Redford took shots from all the opposition parties on the long-ruling Progressive Conservative government's record. The Tories were beset by scandals in the lead-up to the election call; from a budget ...
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National Post
Are religious Americans always conservative?
Fox News
AP A common refrain in commentary on the primaries has been that Mitt Romney is regarded as insufficiently conservative. This is said to account for a difficulty garnering support from the religiously traditional segments of the Republican base.
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Fox News

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Choosing Conservatives - The American Spectator
By W. James Antle, III
Partly in response to my piece about movement conservatives generally losing the Republican presidential nomination, the Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf lists five reasons why this is the case. I agree with much of what he has to say, but here I'll ...
The Spectacle Blog
Daily Kos: Conservatives still kvetching about Mitt Romney
By (kos)
No one doubts that conservatives will eventually come around to pretending they like Romney and, maybe, even pretending they're excited about him. But they won't be. How could they? They've just nominated the father of Obamacare and a ...
Daily Kos
Democratic Strategist Attacks Ann Romney, Unites Conservatives ...
By Doug Mataconis
Sentient Republicans and conservatives didn't need this kerfuffle to vote for Romney in November. That demographic was going in any event to vote for Romney. Millions of evangelicals will in any event sit out the election, regardless of ...
Outside the Beltway
AEI Elsewhere—Courting conservatives, evaluating education, and ...
By The Editors
•Ornstein: "Does Romney still need to court conservatives?" •Riggan: "Between efficiency and effectiveness." Evaluation in for-profit education organizations •Brill: "More than one way to save on Medicaid" •Schneider and Yin: "Community ...
The Enterprise Blog
Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Pathetic Spin: DNC Claims ...
Here we have an attack on women by a Democrat woman that went viral, time for Democrats to change the channel, right ThinkProgress/Soros? "Conservatives hate lesbian mothers." More outrage to follow until Rosen's statements die down.
Weasel Zippers

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