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Romney gaining conservatives' support, if not their hearts
Washington Post
LOUIS — Mitt Romney was not his first choice for president, but conservative political activist Scott Magill has come to accept that Romney is now his only choice. So Magill is looking for reasons to get jazzed about the candidate he once dismissed.
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Alberta's Conservatives offer more change than Wildrose
Globe and Mail
After four decades in power, their traditional base fractured by defections on the right, Alberta's governing Progressive Conservatives suddenly find themselves underdogs in Monday's election, trailing the Wildrose Party. There is a mood for change in ...
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Globe and Mail
Social conservatives object to Desmond Tutu honor
The Seattle Times
Criticism from social conservatives will not prompt Gonzaga University to rescind an invitation to Archbishop Desmond Tutu to serve as a commencement speaker in May, school officials said Thursday. By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS Associated Press No comments ...
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Conservatives block debate over who will testify in F-35 investigation
Globe and Mail
Conservative MPs have rejected a public debate about which bureaucrats and military officers will appear in front of parliamentarians to discuss the F-35 controversy, including allegations that some of them misled cabinet ministers and Canadians.
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Globe and Mail
The history of Alberta, all in one convenient election campaign
It started with the Progressive Conservatives bringing out former premiers Peter Lougheed and his sucessor Don Getty to endorse, obviously, the PC party. It was Lougheed who founded the first PC government in 1971, and Getty, one of Lougheed's original ...
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Alberta vote may bring housecleaning, Manning says
Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning says Progressive Conservative attack ads are similar to those directed against the now defunct Reform party in the 1990s. Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning says Progressive Conservative attack ads are ...
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Conservatives Criticize GOP's $1 Million-Per-Job Business Tax Cut Bill
It's that sort of budgeting that has incited conservative criticism. The Wall Street Journal editorial board called the bill a "gimmick" and decreed the 500-employee cutoff as "arbitrary and political — a ploy to let Republicans say they aren't ...
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5 things to know about the Wildrose party
When Alberta voters go to the polls on Monday, they could bring an end to a 41-year Progressive Conservative dynasty and turn to a largely untested group of politicians who say they want to return the province to a more traditional conservatism.
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How Romney is winning over conservatives by being a fighter | The ...
By Matt K. Lewis
Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller and is editor of the book: "The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words." Matt has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and C-SPAN -- and his work has been ...
The Daily Caller
Eunomia » Conservatives and Walkable Cities
By Daniel Larison
Do you see it where you live? Where does this come from? Is it that people associate biking and public transportation in general with cities, and therefore, among conservatives, as something to be suspicious of, or looked down upon? Living in ...
Rod Dreher » Don't Conservatives Like Walking?
By Rod Dreher
You might think it's a simple matter of size: Big cities lean liberal and also tend to be more walkable. That's generally true, but it doesn't fully explain the phenomenon. Houston, Phoenix, and Dallas are among the nation's ten largest cities, but ...
Rod Dreher
Brad DeLong: Racism vs. the Race Card: Conservatives Write to Ta ...
By J. Bradford DeLong
Ta-Nehisi Coates: >Racism vs. the Race Card - National - The Atlantic: From comments: >>We conservatives will have a purge of the folks you liberals especially hate if you liberals have a purge of the folks we especially hate. >I think this sort ...
Brad DeLong
Van Jones Implies Conservatives Want To Revert Back To Slavery ...
By Meenal Vamburkar
Van Jones has some strong opinion — and he didn't shy away from expressing them during an interview with on Tuesday. Taking aim at conservatives, Jones said they're looking to the past. And those people who want to ...

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Van Jones Unloads: Conservatives Want 'Slavery, Segregation ...
Van Jones remains a lightning rod of controversy since his disgraced departure from the White House. You might remember a few weeks back in a Blaze story ...

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