Monday, April 23, 2012

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Alberta Conservatives win another majority
(Adds detail and comment) HIGH RIVER, Alberta, April 23 (Reuters) - Alberta's Progressive Conservative Party survived its biggest challenge in more than four decades of rule on Monday, television networks declared, as voters balked at handing Canada's ...
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Conservatives Win Alberta Election: CTV Television
The Progressive Conservatives under Alison Redford have been re-elected in the Alberta provincial election today, CTV television projected, based on preliminary returns, continuing a 41-year stretch of rule by the Progressive Conservatives.
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Conservatives turn three-point opinion poll lead into eight-point deficit
The Guardian
The sudden difficulties of the Conservative party are dramatically confirmed by a new Guardian/ICM poll. The three-point lead David Cameron was enjoying over Labour immediately before George Osborne's budget has now given way to an eight-point deficit.
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The Guardian
Will Pennsylvania Conservatives Come Around to Romney?
PBS NewsHour
Ahead of Tuesday's GOP primary in Pennsylvania, Mitt Romney is trying to appeal to voters in the political center and the conservative base. Though the presidential campaign has largely evolved into a two-man race between Romney and President Obama, ...
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PCs soar to another majority win in Alberta election surprise
Globe and Mail
Alberta's Progressive Conservatives have won yet another resounding majority, brushing aside the upstart Wildrose Party with a near-sweep of the province's major cities. The victory means Alberta voters -- one-fifth of whom were undecided in the final ...
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Globe and Mail
Kelly McParland: Alberta decides Wildrose is too wild for now
National Post
If so, Alberta's Progressive Conservatives managed it last night, pulling off a victory most of the pre-election prognosticators had given to the upstart Wildrose party. Wildrose was accorded everything from a sweeping majority to a slim majority to a ...
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National Post
Alison Redford's PCs win majority in Alberta election
National Post
HIGH RIVER, ALTA — Defying the odds of pollsters and naysayers, Alberta's long-ruling Progressive Conservatives appeared set to elect their 12th straight majority government Monday night. Despite the most contentious election campaign in living memory ...
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National Post

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Mitt Romney Starts Betraying The Conservatives He Coddled During ...
By Michael Brendan Dougherty
It was inevitable. Mitt Romney is going to sell-out conservatives in his party in order to win the general. And if he wins, he'll sell them out again in order to be re-elected.*. Zeke Miller and McKay Coppins reporting for Buzzfeed have found the ...
Business Insider
NXT: The Next Great Conservatives In The Era of Romney | RedState
By fairfaxchris (Diary)
I, like many conservatives, have begun the process of coming to terms with Mitt Romney's nomination and the awareness that should the Governor win this election.

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Mitt Romney trying to get conservatives in his corner - Los Angeles ...
GREENSBURG, Pa. — Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and for some conservatives that is a pill still too bitter to swallow. Rep.
Eunomia » Conservatives and Walkable Cities
Do you see it where you live? Where does this come from? Is it that people associate biking and public transportation in general with cities, and therefore, ...
Conservatives turn three-point opinion poll lead into eight-point ...
Latest Guardian/ICM poll sees the Tories slumping to 33%, after registering 39% last month, with Labour rising from 36% to 41% See every Guardian/ICM poll ...

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