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Five myths about conservative voters
Washington Post
And I can tell you firsthand that there are widespread misconceptions about conservative voters — what they believe in and what they are looking for from their leaders. Let's look closer at this key demographic and debunk some of the biggest whoppers.
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Conservatives on the hunt for 'NASCAR Christians'
Washington Post (blog)
Now Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition is trying to corral what might be called "NASCAR Christians" in hopes that social conservatives will give Mitt Romney a crucial boost in November. The Faith and Freedom Coalition is pitching its voter drive ...
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Can Romney convince conservatives to trust him?
Fox News
He moved to his political right to fend off conservative challenges to his previously moderate-Republican positions. In some cases, such as immigration, he went so far right he even out-Tea Partied his conservative opponents with harsh calls for ...
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Palin backs Lugar's opponent in primary
Sarah Palin has endorsed Richard Mourdock in the GOP Senate primary in Indiana, dubbing the insurgent challenger as the "conservative choice" in the race against Sen. Dick Lugar. "I join commonsense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the ...
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Alberta election 2012: Progressive Conservatives finally put Alberta ...
Toronto Star
The Progressive Conservatives, reinvented yet again, live, indeed thrive, and will become the longest-standing political dynasty in Canadian history under Alison Redford. They did it by portraying themselves as agents of change after 41 years of ...
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Toronto Star
Palin, McCain differ again in race for Indiana Senate seat
"I join common sense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the next senator from Indiana," former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Palin said in a statement released by Tea Party favorite Mourdock's campaign.
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BC's Christy Clark, the political chameleon
Globe and Mail
In the wake of Alberta Progressive Conservative Leader Alison Redford's significant electoral achievement this week comes word that her provincial counterpart in British Columbia is planning to make an ideological course correction.
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Globe and Mail
In Alberta, Conservatives can truly be conservative
I haven't spoken to a single Conservative who's satisfied with the budget Jim Flaherty brought down last month, although to be fair I haven't spoken to Jim Flaherty. Probably he thought it was tickety-boo. Everyone else, once they're reassured the ...
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Redford ready to take national role
London Free Press
By FRANK DABBS, Special to QMI Agency In a single election the province's voters Monday night ended the politics of protest and fiscal severity that animated Alberta for a century, dismissed the Progressive Conservative old guard and elected an ...
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Conservatives hit the road to sell EU deal
OTTAWA - The Conservative government moved Friday to fill a public relations vacuum that has enveloped free trade talks between Canada and the European Union, holding 18 public events nationwide and launching an online portal with facts and myths about ...
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When Conservatives Need to Attack Obama on Security, They Turn ...
By Brian Tashman
Before the upcoming election, the GOP is looking to restore its traditional polling advantage on national security with virulent criticisms of President Obama's handling of foreign affairs. But as MSNBC's Chuck Todd pointed out last September, ...
MN Conservatives turn against Vikings Stadium | The UpTake
By Jacob Wheeler
MN Conservatives turn against Vikings Stadium. ... Click on Photo to Watch MN Conservatives Express Concern About Racino. A Vikings stadium bill that now contains a provision for a racino was sent to the Senate Tax committee on a 9-6 ...
The UpTake

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The Self-Made Myth: Debunking Conservatives' Favorite -- And Most ...
A new book makes a strong case that nobody ever makes it on their own in America.

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