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Top Egyptian Islamic cleric visits Jerusalem
By Sarah El Deeb AP / April 18, 2012 CAIRO—A top Egyptian Islamic cleric paid a rare visit to Jerusalem Wednesday, breaking with decades of opposition by Muslim leaders on traveling to areas under Israeli control. The Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa wrote on ...
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Pakistani Judge Upholds 3 Women's Conversions
New York Times
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A controversy over religious conversions that has captivated Pakistanis was resolved in dramatic fashion on Wednesday when a judge ruled that three Hindu women who converted to Islam under disputed circumstances had chosen to go ...
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New York Times
Libya insists on Gaddafi son trial as ICC visits
Chicago Tribune
The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Saif al-Islam last year, after prosecutors accused him and others of involvement in the killing of protesters during the revolt that eventually toppled his father. The Libyan government itself failed this week to ...
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AP Interview: Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight
The Associated Press
She wants to drastically reduce the number of immigrants — to 10000 a year — and, a top theme, to crack down for good on what she claims is the growing footprint of Islamic fundamentalists in France. "They are advancing in the neighborhoods.
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The Associated Press
Libyans insist on trying Qaddafi son themselves
CBS News
The Hague-based court is locked in a legal tug-of-war with Libya's ruling National Transitional Council over who should try Seif al-Islam Qaddafi, once considered his father's heir apparent. He was captured last year in Libya after a civil war that ...
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CBS News
A Tribute to Islam, Earthen but Transcendent
New York Times
DJENNÉ, Mali — As in so much of the Islamic world, "insha'Allah" — "if God wills it" — is how people punctuate conversations in this predominantly Muslim West African country. If you speak of starting a project, or taking a trip, or trying to pay a ...
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New York Times
France presidential candidate Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight
Fox News
Le Pen said that Islam is taking over French neighborhoods and fighting its spread must not stop "out of fear of a crazy man." Breivik, a far-right fanatic, is on trial in Norway over a massacre of 77 people. "Is fighting Islamic fundamentalism ...
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ICC prosecutor goes to Libya on Gaddafi son case
By Taha Zargoun and Hadeel Al Shalchi | TRIPOLI (Reuters) - War crimes prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo arrived in Tripoli on Wednesday as part of an investigation into charges against Muammar Gaddafi's detained son, Saif al-Islam, sought for trial by the ...
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Islamic Awareness Week aims to knock down misconceptions
Journal and Courier
(Photo provided) With hijabs to try on, Middle Eastern recipes to taste, and copies of the Quran on display, Islamic Awareness Week is in full swing at Purdue University. In a tent at Memorial Mall Wednesday, members of the Muslim Student Association ...
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ICC Chief Prosecutor in Libya Over Saif al-Islam Trial Dispute
The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor arrived today in Libya amid a dispute between the North African nation and the Hague-based court about who should try deposed leader Muammar Qaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam. ICC chief prosecutor Luis ...
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US Muslim: I was tortured at FBI's behest in UAE - National News ...
By Associated Press (MALIN RISING and STEVEN DUBOIS)
His interrogators usually came in the morning. Peeking under a blindfold in a cold concrete cell, Yonas Fikre says he caught only glimpses of their shoes.
The Bellingham Herald -- News Update
Christian Acquitted of 'Blasphemy' Charge in Pakistan « Persecution ...
By persecution
"A Pakistani Christian falsely charged with 'blasphemy' after rescuing his 8-year-old nephew from a beating at the hands of Muslim boys has been cleared of the charge," Compass Direct News reports. 4/17/2012 Pakistan (Compass Direct ...

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