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Hindus in Pakistan accuse Muslims of kidnapping teens as wives
Los Angeles Times
The girls are forced to convert to Islam, rights groups say. In court, a few wives have chosen to stay with their husbands, but families say they were coerced. Maharajni Andhrabai holds a photo of Rachna Kumari, her 16-year-old granddaughter, ...
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Los Angeles Times
Presidential candidate Moussa says Egypt is in crisis
At a news conference Sunday in Cairo, he disagreed with the goals of Islamist parties, which have won clear majorities in parliamentary elections running on a platform of Islamic principles. "I believe that Egypt has been injured, Egypt has been ...
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Cardiff councillor Mohammed Islam in racism blast at UK Border Agency
Riverside councillor Mohammed Islam claims officers have targeted businesses in his ward following an incident last year where another councillor passed a constituent's tip-off to officials. Coun Islam, who has represented the ward since June 2004, ...
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Dutch government on brink of collapse after anti-Islam politician pulls out of ...
The National
AMSTERDAM // Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Islam politician and right-wing leader, has withdrawn his support for the minority government in the Netherlands, bringing it to the brink of collapse and possibly precipitating early elections later this year.
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Egypt MPs demand mufti resign over Jerusalem visit
Jerusalem Post
By OREN KESSLER Parliament votes to ask Gomaa to apologize to the Arab and Islamic people and submit his resignation. Egypt's top Islamic cleric continued Sunday to draw fire over his visit last week to Jerusalem, eliciting condemnation from Cairo's ...
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Robert Spencer Asks: Did Mohammad Exist?
FrontPage Magazine
Yet the West ignores these depredations all the while it agonizes over trivial "insults" to Islam and Mohammed, and decries the thought-crime of "Islamophobia" whenever even factual statements are made about Islamic history and theology.
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FrontPage Magazine
East Java Islamic School Closed After Attack
Jakarta Globe
"Another reminder that Indonesia is the nation of tolerance and Islam is the religion of peace.." An East Java Muslim boarding school that became involved in a violent dispute with residents over Islamic teaching will be closed for two weeks while ...
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Reuel Marc Gerecht: The Islamist Road to Democracy
Wall Street Journal
Islam hasn't seen the sustained barbarism that plagued European Christian and post-Christian—communist and fascist—societies. Reform-minded Muslims have usually critiqued their faith with an eye to the West, to the secrets of European power, ...
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First round of presidential election begins in France, with jobs, sour economy ...
Washington Post
The campaign has often centered on hot-button issues such as immigration, Islam in France, and calls for taxes on the rich — which experts suggest will in fact have little effect on France's high state budget deficit. The presidential election will ...
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Bangladeshi police clash with striking protesters
Fox News
Late Sunday, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, a close aide of opposition leader Khaleda Zia, told a news conference they were extending the strike to Monday. He threatened more anti-government protests if Ali is not found, otherwise "our leaders and ...
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Muslim mob burns Catholic church in Sudan capital - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: A Muslim mob set ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in the capital Khartoum, witnesses and media reports said on ...
US Muslim claims FBI role when tortured in UAE - CBS News
Yonas Fikre says he was held 106 days in the United Arab Emirates, beaten and kept in solitary confinement.
Sweden: 'Tortured' US Muslim seeks asylum in ... - The Muslim News
Yonas Fikre, a 33-year-old American Muslim, is currently in Sweden awaiting word on his application for political asylum after having been imprisoned in the ...

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