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In Egypt Race, Battle Is Joined on Islam's Role
New York Times
CAIRO — He has argued for barring women and non-Muslims from Egypt's presidency on the basis of Islamic law, or Shariah. He has called for a council of Muslim scholars to advise Parliament. He has a track record of inflammatory statements about Israel ...
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New York Times
Leading Egyptian presidential candidate is Islamic hardliner
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Muhammad Morsi has declared that his party platform amounts to a distillation of Islam itself, and sharia law guides his candidacy. Photo: Mohammed Abu Zaid, Associated Press CAIRO - He has argued for barring women and non-Muslims from Egypt's ...
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Italian man arrested as Italy cracks down on Islamic extremist network ...
Washington Post
ROME — Police arrested an Italian man Monday in a crackdown in several Italian cities on an Islamic extremist network suspected of supporting international terrorism. Alfonso Polverino, an anti-terrorism police official in Cagliari, Sardinia, ...
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Sharma: Deregulating Islam
CNN (blog)
He is deregulating Islam itself. Indonesia is a similar story: after the fires that engulfed the last months of the Suharto dictatorship in 1999, and the series of incompetent leaders who followed, President SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) got control ...
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Fatah al-Islam militants killed in Syria
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Two Fatah al-Islam militants who were accused of targeting the Lebanese Army as well as allegedly taking up arms against the Syrian regime were recently killed in Syria, security sources said Monday. Abdel-Ghani Jawhar and Walid Boustani, ...
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The Daily Star
Anti-shariah laws unconstitutional
Springfield News-Leader
There have been some seismic blips in recent news regarding certain states' efforts to make shariah law — a function of Islam similar to Mosaic law in its broad spectrum — illegal. Islam is like other religions in that the majority understand what ...
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Muslim youth in India dissociate from terror: Sufi cleric
By IANS, New Delhi : The realisation that jihadis are using Islam to create an environment of terror is leading Muslim youth in India to dissociate themselves from violence and radicalism, says a leading Islamic scholar and cleric.
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Islamist Democracy Is For Real
Tablet Magazine
(Mohammed al-Hams/Khaled Meshaal's Office of Media via Getty Images) Two thinkers expert in Islam, neither anybody's idea of a dove, have published articles recently suggesting that political Islam and democracy—democracy loosely defined—are ...
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Tablet Magazine
Mosque Responses Ignorant
Huffington Post
By Ryan Plesh Last Saturday, hundreds of people attended a rally in Waukesha in opposition to a proposal by the Islamic Society of Milwaukee to build a mosque in the city, as reported by the Brookfield Patch. Anti-Islam sentiment has been seen across ...
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Hindus in Pakistan accuse Muslims of kidnapping teens as wives
New York Daily News
Hindus in Pakistan are experiencing a surge of kidnappings of teenage girls by Muslim men, who force them to convert to Islam and marry them. Human rights activists have reported 25 cases in the past months. Rachna Kumari, 16, was shopping for dresses ...
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Good News of the Day: Lebanon's Most Wanted Islamic Terrorist ...
By Pamela Geller
May all jihadists be as successful as Jawhar. Ameen. :) But seriously, Abdel Ghani Jawhar fighting in Syria gives proof to the suspicion that al qaeda and jihadist groups are among the "rebels." An Islamic government is always worse, always ...
Atlas Shrugs
Young FOMWAG organises seminar for Muslim Women ...
Accra, April 23, GNA The Youth Wing of Federation of Muslim Womens Associations in Ghana, Young FOMWAG at the weekend organised a days seminar for young Muslim girls to sensitise them on the teachings of Islam with regards to ...
ModernGhana News

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Lebanon: Retired Nuncio: West needs to better ... - The Muslim News
Archbishop El-Hachem: For 29 years I had been a professor of Islamic Law at the Lateran University. In 1997, I sponsored a conference in Lugano [Switzerland] ...
RadicalIslam.org Coming to Columbia, South Carolina April 24 | #1 ...
The South Carolina Tea Party Coalition is sponsoring a screening of The Third Jihad primarily for elected officials in Columbia on April 24 to rally support for a ...

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