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Rachel Maddow -- liberals' 'patron saint' -- talks in Manchester
Bennington Banner
The liberal political commentator stopped to promote her book, "Drift," as the first guest in a new author series, Off the Shelf, organized in partnership between the Northshire Bookstore and WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Saturday's event was taped live ...
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Wildrose, Liberals and NDP show their lighter sides in April Fools jokes
The Liberal party sent out an apparent statement by the party's leader, Raj Sherman, speaking out against the PC party's apparent plan to build an overpass over a new runway at the Calgary International Airport, instead of a tunnel underneath it.
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Hell is other liberals
Human Events
Deceit, betrayal, ditching work—the "Countdown" meltdown just seems like liberals being liberals. Conservatives cringe at overbearing do-gooders banning transfatscigaretteshappy mealsmerrychristmasgunsrushlimbaughincandescentlightbulbs.
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Muslim Brotherhood raises fears among liberals as it names presidential candidate
The Muslim Brotherhood has angered secular liberals in Egypt by naming a candidate in next month's presidential election, reneging on a pledge not to seek the country's top office. By Adrian Blomfield, Middle East Correspondent The nomination of ...
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Faith in science?
New York Post
So, we're told, liberals trust science more than conservatives do. The implication — freely peddled in much news coverage — is that conservatives are either dumber or more politicized than liberals. This fits in neatly with a narrative established in ...
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New York Post
Left of Liberal: Revitalizing Politics At Swarthmore
The Daily Gazette
Campus politics seems to break down into two groups: a large chunk of apathetic liberals, and a small strand of radical left politics unrepresentative of the broader community. In its unyielding idealism, epitomized by an indelible insistence on ...
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NDP and Liberals vow no trash talk
Calgary Sun
Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman speaks to health care workers and Liberal supporters during a rally outside the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta on March 29, 2012. (PERRY MAH/ QMI AGENCY) Alberta's Liberal and NDP parties say they plan ...
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Liberals worry that striking down Obamacare would put the entire regulatory ...
American Thinker (blog)
Liberal commentators are worried that if Obamacare is struck down by the Supreme Court, the entire edifice involving the regulatory authority of the federal government would be "on the table." "A decision in the challengers' favor ... would lead to ...
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Newman 'favoured' former Liberals for Cabinet
ABC Online
By Jennifer Huxley Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mulherin says Queensland MPs who represent the values of the old National Party are under-represented in the new Liberal National Party (LNP) state Cabinet. Mr Mulherin says Premier Campbell Newman ...
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Liberal Media is Biased Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul During 2012 Election
Liberals are constantly complaining about an alleged bias in favor of conservatives coming from Fox News. But are the facts on their side? No. During the coverage of the 2012 presidential season and the GOP primaries, the coverage has undoubtedly been ...
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Althouse: Why liberals were complacent and are now panicking.
By Ann Althouse
Why liberals were complacent and are now panicking. I'm analyzing the breakup of the major media monopoly and the phony neutrality of liberal voices in the political culture: IN THE COMMENTS: Ron said: Your remarks about media's ...
Since liberals deny the existence of the good, where are they to find ...
By Lawrence Auster
Jim Kalb explains the need for, and the object of, the liberal religion which has most recently taken the form...
View from the Right
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
I last asked about this a year ago, when Nancy Pelosi had just turned 71. She's now 72. She was, in my view, an extremely effective Speaker -- but is it time for Democrats to look to replace her as their House leader in the next Congress, ...
A plain blog about politics

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