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Conservatives and Liberals Agree: Medicare for All Would Be Constitutional
Huffington Post
Conservatives and liberals may disagree about the constitutionality of the individual mandate requiring all uninsured Americans to buy health insurance from private companies or pay a penalty to the IRS. But there is no debate about whether ...
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Egypt liberals spurn Islamist offer, threaten protest
CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian liberals have refused to sit on a body drafting a new constitution dominated by Islamists, despite an offer by the Muslim Brotherhood to give them more seats, in a sign of growing political polarization after the fall of ...
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Movement Liberals Cannot Credibly Demand Judicial Restraint
The Atlantic
In the longer term ... overturning Obamacare could end up mobilizing movement liberalism in the same way that the Warren Court mobilized movement conservatism four decades ago." Perhaps he's right. I don't doubt that movement liberals will be upset if ...
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The Atlantic
Liberals reject NDP's proposed tax on rich
Ottawa Citizen
By Lee Greenberg, The Ottawa Citizen April 3, 2012 TORONTO — Ontario's minority Liberal government has dismissed an NDP proposal for a tax on the ultra-rich. The proposal would add two per cent to tax on all income over $500000.
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Dear Liberals, Originalism Is Not Activism
Heritage.org (blog)
Obamacare's day in court didn't go so well, and liberals are in a panic. Sensing the demise of Obamacare, they have begun to preemptively accuse the conservative justices of "judicial activism." But the more they try to explain how striking down ...
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Alberta Liberals would abolish post-secondary tuition fees by 2025
Montreal Gazette
EDMONTON — Alberta Liberal leader Raj Sherman pledged Monday to eliminate post-secondary tuition fees by 2025 and immediately reduce tuition by $250 were his party to form the provincial government after the April 23 election.
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Liberals to forgive portion of student loans
Calgary Herald
Liberal Leader Raj Sherman repeated his promise Tuesday to forgive portions of provincial student loans to make post-secondary education more accessible. "We're going to invest in people, people who want a better life through education," Sherman said, ...
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Walkom: Justin Trudeau reawakens Liberal leadership rumblings
Toronto Star
Last October, the Liberal MP with the famous name said he wouldn't try for the leadership of his party. But now — well … Let's just say that he's back in the spotlight. Saturday's well-publicized boxing match, where a weedy Trudeau bested the more ...
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Toronto Star
Marathon NDP budget response puts Liberal noses out of joint
Globe and Mail (blog)
For three days it seemed as if the New Democrats were filibustering the Liberals to prevent them from responding to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget. In fact, NDP officials say they were merely blocking members of the Conservative government from ...
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Globe and Mail (blog)
Liberal moaning over JOBS Act is misguided
... Business Startups Act, won broad bipartisan support in both houses of Congress and is on its way to a receptive White House for signature this week, liberal pundits and bloggers became enraged over what they see as a new monument to deregulation.
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5 Reasons Liberals Are Such Unpleasant People To Be Around ...
By John Hawkins
Why are liberals so unpleasant to be around? 1) They're unhappy: Study after study shows that conservatives are happier people than liberals. ... Reagan, a one time liberal, moved to the right because he hated to pay taxes. That's a better ...
Right Wing News
A. Barton Hinkle on Why Conservatives and Liberals Reject Science ...
By Reason Magazine
Most of those warnings have come from the left, or sources perceived as left-wing. Before liberals start to feel too smug about all of this, writes A. Barton Hinkle, they need to look back at the numerous instances when they, too, have rejected ...
Hit & Run
Where Do Liberals Say They'll Move Now if Obama Loses? | The Awl
By Choire Sicha
With the news that Monterrey is no longer a functioning city, with the police force literally controlled by organized crime, and Mexico City not much better, the old "I'm moving to Mexico if the Romney-Rubio ticket wins" is pretty much right out.
The Awl

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