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Cohn: NDP-Liberal budget dance gives McGuinty breathing room
Toronto Star
She got her wish — winning the balance of power when the Liberals fell short of a majority. Now she's trying to keep her promise to voters — by making minority government work. But in politics as in life, be careful what you wish for.
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Egypt's constitutional panel forges ahead with work despite walkout over ...
Washington Post
CAIRO — The head of Egypt's constitutional assembly said Wednesday the committee will forge ahead with its work despite appeals from liberals, Christians and others who walked out in protest against the Islamist domination of the panel.
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Liberal budget not a solution: QUEEN'S PARK
The Barrie Examiner
By Rod Jackson - Special to the Examiner Since the release of the provincial budget, one thing has become apparent — the Liberals and Premier Dalton McGuinty never had an economic plan. They only had a campaign plan. The budget opts out of paying down ...
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Liberals, NDP battle each other over budget response
Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair traded shots with each other Wednesday over how their respective parties are responding to the Conservative budget. They each voiced their opposition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's latest ...
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With NDP nipping at Tory heels in poll, Rae lashes out at 'mini-Harper' Mulcair
Globe and Mail
Thomas Mulcair and Bob Rae are trading personal insults as New Democrats and Liberals jostle for opening position in the federal political version of the reality show Survivor. With Mr. Mulcair freshly installed as the new NDP Leader, the battle over ...
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Globe and Mail
The uphill battle facing Alberta Liberals
Globe and Mail
"You know, I'm still making my decision," said Ms. Pugh, a 45-year-old mother who works from home and voted Liberal in the 2008 election. Most polls show the newcomer Wildrose Party outpacing the long-governing Progressive Conservatives, ...
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Globe and Mail
Tension between NDP, Liberals as Rae calls Mulcair a 'mini-Harper'
National Post
By Tobi Cohen OTTAWA — Little more than a week after the NDP chose a new leader, Liberals were on the offensive Wednesday suggesting the official Opposition had since become "hostile" and that the newly elected Thomas Mulcair is a "mini-Harper.
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National Post
Mulcair mocks Liberals for being budget pushovers
London Free Press
(REUTERS/Chris Wattie) OTTAWA - NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair dismissed interim Liberal leader Bob Rae as a pushover Wednesday and suggested backbench bruiser Justin Trudeau is getting in the way of Rae's leadership ambitions. Since Mulcair won his party's ...
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BC Liberals double NDP in 2011 fundraising
The BC Liberals raised about twice as much money as the provincial NDP in 2011, according to Elections BC. Figures released Wednesday show the governing Liberals raked in nearly $9 million in contributions last year and about $5.5 million of that came ...
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Do liberals feel any responsibility for stirring up black violence ...
By Lawrence Auster
Paul K. writes: When liberals whip up hysteria over a matter like the Trayvon Martin shooting, do you think they...
View from the Right
Instapundit » Blog Archive » AVIK ROY: Once Upon a Time, Liberals ...
By Glenn Reynolds
April 4, 2012. AVIK ROY: Once Upon a Time, Liberals Hated the Individual Mandate. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 6:20 pm. Tweet · RSS Feed · Podcast RSS Feed · Email Instapundit. Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc! Making even the ...
The PJ Tatler » Obama Jumps the Shark with Liberals Sliding Up the ...
By Bryan Preston
Obama Jumps the Shark with Liberals Sliding Up the Ramp Behind Him. What a week. The president launched a direct attack on the US Supreme Court's power of judicial review before it has even ruled on his signature law. He had to walk ...
The PJ Tatler
A Trip to Crazy Town: CNN's Dana Loesch Calls Liberals Fascists
By Sarah Jones
CNN's Dana Loesch took to her radio show today to work herself into a lather where she accused Democrats of "using women as prostitutes for votes" before she called liberals 'latter day fascists.'

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