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Bob Rae not running for leader of Liberal party
Toronto Star
Susan Delacourt Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA—Bob Rae said yet again last week that he's not in the race for the permanent job as Liberal leader. "I'm not running for anything," said Rae, when asked whether a 45-minute fiery speech on Wednesday — attacking ...
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Toronto Star
Young Liberals Have A Dangerous Love Of Government
Forgive a lost liberal arts educated urban aesthete for opening with a Romantic poet, but take it as proof that someone can make it out of a socialism-idealizing realm of lofty beliefs with a sense of individual liberty and personal responsibility ...
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Liberals turn to bullying after losing argument in court
Sioux City Journal
Here were highly sophisticated conservative thinkers -- lawyers and justices -- making the case for limited government, and liberals weren't even prepared for the obvious constitutional question: If Congress can force the individual into a private ...
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Liberals, Alberta Party focus on funding
Both the Liberals and Alberta Party made promises Friday to boost funding if elected by Albertans on April 23. Liberal Leader Raj Sherman promised to boost English as a Second Language (ESL) funding to schools, as well as an additional $20 million a ...
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NDP in dead heat with Conservatives
Montreal Gazette
MONTREAL - It has been a Liberal-Conservative tug-of-war in federal politics since Confederation, but a new poll confirms a shift to a new political split: Conservative-New Democratic Party. The NDP is now tied with its ideological rival, ...
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Alberta Liberals, NDP focus on fighting one another in Edmonton in election
Winnipeg Free Press
Brian Mason's NDP and Raj Sherman's Liberals are hitting the doorsteps in Edmonton in the provincial election campaign with virtually the same platforms. Both are calling for progressive tax hikes hitting hardest on the wealthiest.
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Liberals in high dudgeon
Daily Caller
When liberals are in high dudgeon, you want to shelter the children. On Wednesday, for example, The Daily Beast plucked one David R. Dow from obscurity at the University of Houston law school to argue that if the justices overturn Obamacare, ...
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Liberals to hike ESL programs by $76M if elected
Edmonton Journal
CALGARY - The Alberta Liberals say funding for English-as-a-second-language (ESL) programs would get a $76 million boost if they form the government. There's "a whole bunch of Albertans who come from far and wide to participate in our prosperity and to ...
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PJ Media » Face It: Liberals Just Aren't Very Funny
By Frank J. Fleming
Now, I know liberals think conservatives don't tell jokes and only find humor in laughing at poor people. (Actually, that gives me a good show idea: "Poor People Falling Down Stairs." It's funny because it's poor people getting hurt and also ...
PJ Media
Healthcare-NOW! - Conservatives and Liberals Agree: Medicare for ...
By Healthcare-NOW!
By Miles Mogulescu for the Huffington Post - Conservatives and liberals may disagree about the constitutionality of the individual mandate requiring all.
Ann Coulter: Liberals Use 'Judicial Activism' to 'Invent Rights' Like ...
By Andy Towle
In a discussion about Obama's remarks on the Supreme Court and judicial activism, Ann Coulter told FOX News' Sean Hannity that liberals use it to invent rights. Said Coulter:
Towleroad News #gay
Mary Kiffmeyer debunks liberals' Photo ID myths with statistics
By Gary Gross
Mary Kiffmeyer debunks liberals' Photo ID myths with statistics. April 6th, 2012. The DFL has been whining about how people will be disenfranchised if Photo ID is approved by Minnesota voters this November. They've also whined about how ...
Let Freedom Ring Blog
Liberals aren't the spenders | Letters to the Editor |
Re: "Debt destroys freedom," John Kelley, Sunday Letters. Reagan more than doubled the debt. Bush I would have done the same, but we only gave him four years. Clinton turned the budget deficit into a surplus and had us on track to pay off ...
Letters to the Editor

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Analysis: Justice Kagan--Giving liberals a rhetorical lift | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - During three days of arguments over the Obama healthcare plan, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan put on a display of rhetorical ...

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