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When Liberals Stop Being Wimps
They love to assail "tax-and-spend liberals" without ever discussing who should be taxed or what government money is actually spent on. They expect their progressive opponents to be wimpy and apologetic. So imagine the shock when President Obama ...
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Den Tandt: TKO aside, it remains an uphill climb for Liberals
Montreal Gazette
Patrick Brazeau's face, he having been brutally punched out by the formerly effete Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, but the drums began beating once again for Trudeau's ascension to the head of the Liberal party and, by extension, the country.
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Alberta's Liberals fill their slate of candidates
Globe and Mail
With two weeks to go before election day, the Alberta Liberals have nominated their full slate of candidates – including a party staffer and the leader's long-time aide. Former Calgary city council candidate Beena Ashar was announced as the Liberal ...
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Globe and Mail
Senior Lib Dem threatens to block surveillance plans
The Guardian
The coalition partners appear to be on a collision course over government plans to give the security services new access to internet data after the Liberal Democrat president said his party was prepared to "kill" any moves towards universal ...
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The Guardian
Krauthammer: Liberals still puzzled
Greenville Daily Reflector
The administration's case for the constitutionality of Obamacare was so thoroughly demolished in oral argument that one liberal observer called it "a train wreck." It is perfectly natural, therefore, that a majority of the court should side with the ...
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Liberals to scrutinise Wilton airport plan
Illawarra Mercury
During the weekend, a number of state MPs from the region have said they would oppose the airport, including Liberal MP for Wollondilly Jai Rowell , who said an airport would be built ''over his dead body''. Mr Evans, whose neighbouring seat of ...
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Mark Steyn: Liberals 'conformity enforcers,' 'stupefyingly intolerant' [VIDEO]
Daily Caller
In an exclusive interview this week with TheDC's Ginni Thomas, Steyn railed against liberal "diversity"-speak and the lack of tolerance for traditional values. "As you know, if you go to the average American newsroom you can have diversity of race, ...
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Lib Dems threaten to sink UK 'Big Brother' laws
ABC Online
Now the Liberal Democrats, who hold power in a coalition government with Mr Cameron's Conservatives, have threatened to kill off the laws. "We are prepared to kill them, [let me] be absolutely clear about that," Liberal Democrats party president Tim ...
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The left and the liberals
The News International
While Roy's harsh and stinging critique would most probably be dismissed in India as left-wing propaganda against western imperialism given her reputation as a left-leaning academic, in Pakistan, anti-western and anti-liberal critique is immediately ...
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A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for LIberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for LIberals. 2022: what's the situation with the death penalty in the US? Also, does it become a presidential election issue in 2016 or 2020, and if so which party is helped by it? Bookmark and Share. Posted by Jonathan ...
A plain blog about politics

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Analysis: Justice Kagan--Giving liberals a rhetorical lift - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - During three days of arguments over the Obama healthcare plan, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan put on a ...

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