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The Liberalism of Fear
New York Times (blog)
By ROSS DOUTHAT American liberalism has two faces. One is the face that Democratic politicians wear when they're on a political upswing, laying out big plans and sketching grand ambitions, with the wind in their sails and the country behind them.
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New York Times (blog)
Den Tandt: What would a truly liberal, Liberal party look like?
Montreal Gazette
What could a new Canadian Liberalism, breaking with much of the recent past but faithful to the party's intellectual roots, look like? It may seem silly or quixotic even to discuss such a thing, given the Liberal Party of Canada's repeatedly ...
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Liberals call NDP budget demands a 'spending spree'
Hamilton Spectator
TORONTO The NDP's list of demands in exchange for supporting the Liberal budget — and avoiding another Ontario election — was dismissed Tuesday as a "spending spree" by the cash-strapped minority government. Voters did not give any party a majority ...
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The liberal betrayal of Bradley Manning
Like those on the right who now crow about fascism but spent the Bush years gleefully declaring left-wing celebrities "enemies of the state," many of those on the liberal-left treat issues of war and civil liberties as useful merely for partisan ...
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Deficit-ridden Liberal government calls NDP budget demands a spending spree
By Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press | April 10, 2012 TORONTO - The NDP's list of demands in exchange for supporting the Liberal budget — and avoiding another Ontario election — was dismissed Tuesday as a "spending spree" by the cash-strapped minority ...
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Ontario budget 2012: NDP demands job-creation tax credits to support Liberal ...
Toronto Star
Tanya Talaga and Rob Ferguson Queen's Park Bureau The NDP's final demands for supporting the Ontario budget — and avoiding a spring election — are being dubbed a "spending spree" by Premier Dalton McGuinty's minority Liberal government.
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Toronto Star
Liberals' retooled carbon tax would fund city LRT, buses
Edmonton Journal
EDMONTON - Alberta Liberals say they would focus a carbon levy on actual emissions, rather than emissions intensity, to boost green energy research and public transportation initiatives by $1.8 billion each year. "This announcement is a visionary ...
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Liberals reveal new plans for carbon levy
Liberal Leader Raj Sherman announces his party's plan to increase change the province's carbon levy policy at the Southgate LRT Station on Tuesday, April 10. As the third week of the provincial election continues, three parties continued working the ...
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Alberta Liberals promise $1.5-billion municipal heritage fund
Calgary Herald
EDMONTON - An Alberta Liberal government would forge a "new relationship" with local governments by building an oil royalty- and tax-fed heritage fund to direct cash to cities and neighbourhood associations. Standing outside Edmonton City Hall on ...
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New York Magazine: Conservatives Are Thinkers, Liberals Feelers ...
By jr@bearingdrift.com (J.R. Hoeft)
So the next time you hear the tripe about liberals being the intelligentsia while conservatives are knuckle-dragging neanderthals, mention Al Franken's 2010 theft of the Minnesota election: His race against incumbent Minnesota senator Norm ...
Bearing Drift: Virginia's Conservativ...
Conservatives, liberals and purity | Open Parachute
By Ken
There he has claimed that conservatives are naturally more understanding of "liberals" because they share the same importance of instincts like care and fairness. But, on the other hand, "liberals' cannot understand conservatives because ...
Open Parachute
OpEdNews - Article: Liberals Cry Out: Tax the Rich! Fund More Wars!
The shout of the Occupy movement, at least in D.C., has been 'End the Wars, Tax the Rich!' in that order and in combination. Over half of federal discretionary spending goes to the war machine. We ought to fix that problem first, and then fix the ...
Why Aren't Neoconservatives Liberals? - The Dish | By Andrew ...
By Andrew Sullivan
David Bosco pinpoints "a fundamental difference between the neoconservative worldview and the liberal interventionist one:". [It is] the role of international institutions and law. Those of a neoconservative persuasion aren't much interested in ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Liberals are Paranoid Fantasists - Ricochet.com
By Adam Freedman
That's not just me talking; it's Science! The weekend WSJ reported on a demographic survey of "Dream Recall and Political Ideology." Among the interesting findings: 65% of the liberals.
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