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BC Liberals desperately seeking a by-election game-changer
Globe and Mail
There isn'ta governing party in the country that needs some good news as badly as BC Premier Christy Clark's Liberals. Every few weeks, it seems, another poll is published showing Ms. Clark's personal popularity in free fall. Support for her Liberals, ...
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Globe and Mail
Liberals disappointed in attempt to embarrass PMO over salaries
National Post
The Liberal brain trust must have been disappointed when it received the results of a request for information on salaries within the Prime Minister's Office. The plan was obvious: take the presumably humongous salaries paid out to the privileged court ...
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National Post
What's ahead for the Liberals?
Edmonton Journal
Waving a handful of leaflets, the leader of the Alberta Liberal party continues: Could the party organize LRT flash mobs to sell university students on key party platforms like free tuition by 2025? Sherman, relentlessly energetic, is running his first ...
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Ex-Brotherhood moderate pins presidential hopes on drawing both religious ...
Washington Post
He is angling to be one of the few candidates with crossover appeal for both religious conservatives and liberals. His hope is that there is a middle ground in a deeply divided race. On one side are Islamists, particularly Khairat el-Shater, ...
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Matt Gurney: BC Liberals aren't sure what's-his-name is open to co-operation
National Post
The BC Liberals are having a rough time. New leader Christy Clark, who took over the party (and became provincial premier) in 2011, has had a lot of stumbles and missteps. Things have gotten so bad of late that the provincial Conservative party, ...
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National Post
The Liberals: Smartest party in the universe (blog)
a senior official in the Liberal party said to me this afternoon. The fog cleared a bit. Ah. I had indeed written something on Twitter about how, weeks after the Conservatives had started running ads attacking Bob Rae's record as Ontario premier, ...
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BC Conservative leader dismisses calls to merge with Liberals
Some BC business leaders are calling on the province's Liberals and Conservatives to join forces to fight the NDP in the next provincial elections, but the surging Conservative leader is dismissing the idea. A recent poll put the NDP in first place ...
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Liberal Left War on Women and Motherhood Reveals Itself Through Hilary Rosen
Canada Free Press
Individualism is dangerous to authoritarian ideologies like American Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and the list goes on. In order to be able to properly control the populace the people must be broken down into a homogeneous mass where ...
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Roger L. Simon » Why Liberals Are the New Squares
By Roger L Simon
I was amused to read Maureen Dowd's recent column titled "State of Cool" in the New York Times, calling Hillary Clinton "cool," because I was about to write just the opposite — not just about Hillary, but about her (and my) whole generation of ...
Roger L. Simon
Instapundit » Blog Archive » ROGER SIMON: Why Liberals Are The ...
By Glenn Reynolds
April 13, 2012. ROGER SIMON: Why Liberals Are The New Squares. "How could a generation that has not changed its worldview one jot since 1968 be considered cool?" Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 8:13 am. Tweet ...

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Confirmed: Conservatives understand liberal positions better than ...
At The American, AEI resident scholar Andrew Biggs highlights an interesting study that confirms what most conservatives probably already know to be true of ...
Understanding the Ideological Divide Between Liberals and ...
Studying the human personality has shown that liberals and conservatives are different people on chief personality measures like openness to new experiences , ...

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