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'Power, Inc.': David Rothkopf's business critique preaches to the progressive ...
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Marquis Childs first promoted the Swedish model of "middle way" capitalism more than 75 years ago. Might the thoughtful reader of "Power, Inc." be forgiven for thinking that American progressives haven't turned up a new ...
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Progressive Monetary Policy and the Hate The Rich Ploy
Canada Free Press
His crusade for a national bank, as in the case of the progressives when the federal reserve was created, was actually covering for something even bigger. The idea was one of collectivism. The economic planners believed they could somehow work around ...
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My Turn: Silencing dissent is not a Progressive value
Councilor Brennan, you identify yourself as a Progressive. To say that Burlington teacher David Rome should be silenced by his employer, that somehow his wage payer has a right to dictate what he says on his own time in public, in public forums, ...
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A meditation on the "Progressive" Narrative
Enter Stage Right
Why did so many liberal/progressive scholars and media denizens arrogantly assume that ObamaCare would be ratified by the Supreme Court in a "slam dunk"? Why were they so stunned to hear potent counter-arguments emerging from the justices?
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Light of Liberty Less than Flattering to Progressivism
American Thinker
Recently, while conducting a kind of experiment of my own, I discovered another material that is highly photodegradable: progressivism. I have been producing a documentary film series about conservative talk radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (you can see ...
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Fresno, CA can go Blue and Mike explains how
Democratic Underground
I was asked to talk about "How Progressives Can Bring Social Justice to Fresno." Without trying to be too flippant,I said that progressives need to be more "effective" at what we are doing if we are going to succeed in achieving social,economic and ...
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An Open Letter to Russ Feingold: Why You Have to Run for Governor
Huffington Post
First, after 10 years in the Wisconsin State Senate and 18 years in the US Senate, you have earned the opportunity to explore alternative, less-stressful ways of promoting causes you believe in, especially through heading Progressives United, ...
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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to field own presidential candidate
Catholic Online
The recent news escalates the group's confrontation with the nation's ruling generals and the group's secular and progressive critics. A victory by the Muslim Brotherhood's chief strategist and deputy leader Khairat al-Shater would give the previously ...
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"SNS leader represents Serbia's future"
BELGRADE -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) deputy leader Aleksandar Vučić expects the party's leader Tomislav Nikolić to be its candidate in presidential elections. Vučić, who is also the Progressives' candidate for Belgrade mayor, repeated once again ...
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Why progressives must resist both "originalism" specifically, and the ...
By Jeff G.
Why progressives must resist both "originalism" specifically, and the Constitution more generally. Tweet. Terry H sends me the link to a very useful throwback article that speaks to a running theme here on pw — namely, that what is we think ...
protein wisdom

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Progressives Simply Do Not Like The United States - Derek Hunter ...
Ever heard of Dahlia Lithwick? No? Don't feel bad. I hadn't either until I read her piece of … something or other … on Slate about the Supreme Court hearing this ...

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