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Now "Progressives" Want "Judicial Restraint"
The New American
... warfare against the "nine old men" on the high court who, with their supposed "horse-and-buggy" adherence to an 18th century document called the Constitution of the United States, were blocking the "progressive" legislation of the New Deal.
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Progressives Have Limited Options in "Fiscal Cliff" Lame Duck Session of Congress
Robert Kuttner kicks off a discussion that progressives are going to have to hold among themselves between now and the upcoming lame duck session. Unfortunately, I don't think he's addressing it in a realistic way. Kuttner points out the trio of major ...
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Mexican 'Progressives' Decry Offenses in Run-up to Elections
In a recent meeting with the Interior Ministry, leaders of the Progressive Movement coalition denounced violent attacks and threats against their members and candidates in seven of Mexico's states including Quintana Roo, Guerrero, Durango, Nuevo Leon, ...
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Modern Conservatism = Rightwing Progressivism? – OpEd
Eurasia Review
Mary Theroux's post perfectly exposes the key problem with these progressives. No objective moral standards. No basic respect in human dignity. One thing that troubles me about the political climate is just how extensive this moral bankruptcy is.
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How to Teach a Child to Read
The New American
And that's because the teaching methods, devised by the Progressives, were designed to dumb-down the American people. The result is that a large number of Americans are unable to perform the jobs demanded by our high-tech economy.
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Weinberger becomes Burlington's 42nd mayor
So did former Progressive Mayor Peter Clavelle and Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin. Two-term Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss, facing little support from within his own party, declined to run for a third term. Progressives did not run a mayoral candidate, ...
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Politics can nix traffic fix
Petaluma Argus Courier
By DON BENNETT It's not that I set out purposely every few weeks to criticize that little cadre of local politicos that call themselves the "progressives," but it seems that each time I prepare to comment on some other aspect of our rich and complex ...
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Our View: Hey, it's Opening Day!
Peoria Journal Star
Conservatives and "progressives," religious and secular, black and white are at each others' throats. At times the country seems devoid of statesmen. The Supreme Court is trying to decide whether it's constitutional for as many Americans as possible to ...
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The Supreme Scream: Obamacare After the Court Ruling
Huffington Post
This is exactly what the Right did to progressives. They were not content to just win elections; they wanted to destroy all the bases of support for progressive politics. This meant undermining unions, first in the private sector and now in the public ...
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Barack Obama Could Go After Supreme Court On Health Care, James Clyburn Suggests
Huffington Post
The law's proponents have always challenged the idea that the law's individual mandate could be replaced with an alternate provision, though progressives like Howard Dean have insisted that enough people can be compelled to buy insurance without strict ...
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Is the individual mandate really the hill progressives want to die on ...
By Ian Welsh
Really? The individual mandate is lousy policy. It always was. It is especially lousy policy without a large (100 million +) public option. The health care plan is, for all intents and purposes, a 90′s Heritage plan. This? This is what progressives ...
Ian Welsh

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GayPatriot » The Tolerance of Progressives, Part 3912
The Tolerance of Progressives, Part 3912 · Obama may like winning, but he doesn't seem to like governing · Guess Tom Friedman missed these polls · So, this ...
Congressional Progressives' "Budget For All" Funds A Future We Can ...
Hate the Ryan Budget? The Congressional Progressive Caucus fires back with a proposal of ...'_%22budget_...
Durham-in-Wonderland: Durham "Progressives" Again Stand Up for ...
Durham "Progressives" Again Stand Up for Prosecutorial Misconduct. In most of the country, "progressive" activists are known for their defenses of civil liberties ...

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