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Van Jones Wants Progressives to Bring Back the Hope
ColorLines magazine
by Rinku Sen | Print | Comment ( View ) Van Jones has a new book out this week, in which he lays out a way of thinking about progressive politics now and in the coming years. I talked with him yesterday about movement celebrity, race in politics and ...
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Let's Talk About Impeaching Supreme Court Justices
Huffington Post
Many progressives shrink back in horror at such a supposed affront to judicial independence. For an example, see Ruth Marcus's tizzy over President Obama's rather mild (and accurate) statement that unelected judges striking down such a core economic ...
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What's progressive about the ACN?
Nigerian Tribune
This question is apt in the sense that Chief Obafemi Awolowo, whose ideological path the progressives claim to be toeing, never compelled anyone to join his political party. His outstanding performance in many areas of human endeavours, particularly in ...
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Letter: Hypocrisy on the progressive left
Herald Times Reporter
So let me get this right, progressives, it is OK to stop cheating on a SAT test but is OK to cheat on elections. This is why leftists are so hypocritical and a joke to many people in this state.
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As Obama touts Buffett tax, progressive 'death' tax comes under national siege
Daily Caller
By Christopher Bedford As President Barack Obama canvasses the United States pushing for an increase in taxes on the wealthy — something he is calling the Buffett tax, after billionaire progressive Warren Buffett — the campaign against the "death ...
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Mapping political fault lines
San Francisco Examiner
The 10 precincts that make up the Portola neighborhood have become ground zero in the latest row between San Francisco moderates and progressives. As the Redistricting Task Force attempts to draw new supervisorial districts that will remain in place ...
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Emulate the Sirleaf-Seakor Example
This paper, on March 19 and on 27 carried two front-page articles under the banner headlines - "WHERE ARE THE PROGRESSIVE?" by CDC's Head of Auxiliary, Jefferson Koijee and the "The Progressives Are here: Debunking The Cowards Behind Koijee's ...
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Opinion: The Destructive, Unmerry Pranksters
WNYC (blog)
By Justin Krebs : IAFC Blogger If you're a community organization with a progressive-leaning mission, you better rent a bigger hall for your next meeting -- between undercover NYPD officers and conservative guerilla activists, it seems everyone is ...
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Misconceptions abound on health care act
The Detroit News (blog)
Second, the rhetoric over the individual mandate suggests that progressives like the idea. The truth is progressives feel that every American citizen should have access to health care without going bankrupt. They support a single payer system.
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Playing the Violence Card
New York Times
She and other progressives mobilized institutional resources to save killers and the future victims of killers. Violent white neighborhoods were flooded with social workers, police reformers and labor activists committed to creating better jobs and ...
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Sound Transit's Ad Rejection Is Good For Progressives - Seattle ...
By Ben Schiendelman
Throughout history, the small forces for progressive policies, labor rights, and human rights in general, have less money than those who profit from employee exploitation and oppression. The policy that caused Sound Transit to reject this ad ...
Seattle Transit Blog

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