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Zionism, Health Care and the Illiberalism of Progressive Minds
By this measure, Peter Beinart's new book, "The Crisis of Zionism," which has become a cause célèbre among progressives, marks another step in the parting of ways between progressives and that old-fashioned and indispensable liberalism that recognized ...
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LETTER: E.J. Dionne's judicial activist claims off base
Wicked Local
Progressives such as President Obama and Mr. Dionne dislike this restrictive nature of our constitution because it places limits on the reach of the central government. The present dispute over the individual mandate contained in the health care law is ...
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Obama levels straight shots at Supreme Court and Ryan budget
Washington Post
They expect their progressive opponents to be wimpy and apologetic. So imagine the shock when President Obama decided last week to speak plainly about what a Supreme Court decision throwing out the health-care law would mean, and then landed straight ...
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Plan to undo America has long been coming
Hilton Head Island Packet
Since the 1920s, progressives have been implementing a plan to destroy our constitutional government. The first stage involved infiltrating and organizing groups for control, a la George Soros. Following that was creating a shadow government by ...
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Photo: Sun News Publishing
Daily Sun
For over seven years, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) was embroiled in a bitter leadership tussle between its former chairman, Chekwas Okorie and the incumbent, Victor Umeh. CHINELO OBOGO x-rays the issues, disputes and politics that rocked ...
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'Constitution review should address national questions'
The Nation
The second is putting together a coalition of progressive forces to dislodge the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from power in 2015. "We are concerned by the boasting that PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years. Their luck will not carry them too far.
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Californians Worry About Extreme Genetic Engineering
Science 2.0
Don't think these groups are just the usual progressive shills against science, though. Their positions could also be copied and pasted from documents by the religious right. we oppose the utilization of human eggs and embryos for experimental ...
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Q&A: Scott McDonell on the Dems' big County Board win
Capital Times
Tuesday's Dane County Board elections proved historic, handing progressives their largest majority ever on the board, 28 of the 37 seats. Much of the credit for the ouster of five conservative supervisors was given to Scott McDonell, a board supervisor ...
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Scott Brown doesn't understand progressives. |
Scott Brown translation: I might vote for your equality sometimes and I might not vote for your equality at other times. Is that good enough for you? Not good ...

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