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Why Progressives Like President Obama Loathe Judicial Review
Most Jeffersonian democrats (since 1790) and most modern-age progressives (since 1890) have been quite explicit in their supposed love of the "common man" and their hatred of the accomplished and wealthy (derided as "elites'); they prefer direct ...
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Young Progressives Firing Up Grassroots Campaigns Across the Country
National Journal
Odio went on to direct the Candidate Project, an arm of the New Organizing Institute that has more than 7800 pledges from progressives who plan to run for a political office at various levels of government in 2012. His transition from national to local ...
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The Unhappy History of Running Against the Supreme Court
Wall Street Journal
By PAUL MORENO By scolding the Supreme Court over its 2010 Citizens United decision and cautioning it against declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional, President Obama is ignoring a lesson liberals and progressives should have learned long ago.
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How to Bring Back American Prosperity
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
All the while, a movement that called themselves the Progressives was working to change the limited government vision, because they found the restrictions in the Constitution an impediment to their agenda. Progressives from the left and right—Teddy ...
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Serb Opposition Leader Catches Up With Tadic Ahead of May 6 Vote
Tadic, the leader of the Democratic Party, was backed by 35.8 percent of voters and his main challenger, Nikolic, the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party by 35.7 percent, in an opinion survey by the pollster Faktor Plus, its manager Vladimir Pejic ...
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Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman ones race matters.
The refusal to acknowledge race is not only the spin of conservatives but also some progressives who are trying to be "progressive" and are pushing the line that Trayvon Martin's death has nothing to do with race. Did we miss something here?
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Daily Caller genius: I don't feel bad for black people anymore because I think ...
The article launched a series aimed at attacking and undermining the popular progressive media watchdog group. The Daily Caller paints a picture of a nefarious organization founded by an egomaniacal leader operating in the cover of darkness, ...
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The Bat Segundo Show: Nancy Cohen
Reluctant Habits
Darrell Issa and the contraception hearing, Komen for the Cure, when the Republican Party was better about women's rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, the McGovernik principle that has crippled progressivism, challenging Thomas Frank's What's the ...
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Reluctant Habits
The White House Locker Room and the Bounties against American Taxpaying ...
Canada Free Press
With the elite Progressives having inserted themselves throughout our government and society over several generations, how do the elite Progressives take out their enemies? With graft, malfeasance, thuggery, unconstitutional and abusive agencies and ...
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Michelle Malkin » Another colorless Kodak moment for Progressives ...
Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters. Here at, we've kept close tabs on the parade of progressives of pallor who preach ...
Progressives for Progress (The PCTC Blog)
Why do so many self-described "progressives" not seem to notice that we've been standing outside the political fence for the better part of a half century?

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