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Political suicide, Alberta-style
Toronto Sun
In the remaining eight days that the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta will exist, let us be equally accurate, and call them just the Progressives. It's more accurate that way, too. Under their liberal leader, Alison Redford, the Progressives ...
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Progressives unfairly demonized by distortions
The News Herald
By JOE BUDD A recent letter titled "Roots of progressivism at odds with founders" (Free-for-All, March 10) was noteworthy for its derogatory claims about liberals and progressives based on fallacies and distortions asserted by the author.
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West stands by statement about Communists in Congress
They started to use the term progressives," West said. "And when you look at the political spectrum of the ideologies between communists and progressives, or Marxists or socialists ... the same tactics exist." The national media released droves of ...
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Allen West email: Progressives introduced amendment to redistribute wealth
After taking heat for calling members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus "Communists," Rep. Allen West (R-FL) told supporters in a campaign fundraising email that progessives once introduced an amendment to redistribute wealth.
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The Long Struggle for a Progressive Counterweight to ALEC
In fact, progressives have been trying to create such a space for 40 years, pretty much since the creation of ALEC. For example, the Progressive States Network is a group founded seven years ago whose mission is to "engage and build the capacity of ...
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Keeping up with Katherine: Veteran councilwoman, nearly 80, still going the ...
San Jose Mercury News
She also has split numerous times with other progressives, voting more than 20 years ago against closing an historic downtown hotel and a sidewalk-sitting ordinance aimed at the homeless. She also agreed in 1998 to take the mayor's seat from top ...
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What progressives believe to be true
Shawnee News Star
By Ron Taffe Government discriminates against blacks who are 13 percent of the population and hold 18 percent of federal jobs, including president and attorney general. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are great role models, but Clarence Thomas and Thomas ...
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Alberta Election 2012: What's ahead for the Liberals?
Calgary Herald
His optimism sticks despite several polls that indicate the party is far behind Alison Redford's Progressive Conservatives and Danielle Smith's Wildrose. In an election dominated by the epic battle between the two parties on the right, exactly where ...
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Activists to 'occupy' Gilbert home Saturday
by Parker Leavitt - Apr. 13, 2012 12:06 PM About three-dozen "progressive" activists plan to "occupy" a home in Gilbert Saturday to strategize their involvement in a national campaign inspired by last year's Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City ...
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Debate: Occupy Wall Street vs Spring99% Co-optation?
OB Rag
It is a needed debate, even though it's probably under the radar for many progressives and irrelevant for mainstream politics – except for the accusations that Spring99% is a front for the Obama re-election campaign. Meanwhile, paranoia of being ...
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OB Rag

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This pro-Obama position seems to be held by many liberals ...
By Alan Maki
10 Responses to This pro-Obama position seems to be held by many liberals, progressives and leftists. What do you think? inoilfieldhell April 14th, 2012 at 12:08 am 1. We are so focused on the presidency, we forget the more important senate ...
alanmaki's FDL blog

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