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"Unexpectedly," Progressives Have Math Problems
Town Hall
Solar: Fake Energy Provided by Fake President Sustainability as defined by progressives is truly one of the most idiotic ideas of all-time. Do you think oil companies- with shareholders to answer to- are ever going to run out energy to sell? No.
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Assertive progressives
The Korea Herald
Though the elections may have produced no dramatic shift in parliamentary politics, however, the surge of voter support for the United Progressive Party undoubtedly planted the seeds of a dramatic change in the political system.
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Letter: Liberal 'progressives' destructive
I suggest you look at which political party has had a stranglehold around the neck of California for so many years. If California desires to continue digging the hole deeper, keep voting for these liberal "progressives."
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Why Many Corporations Don't Even Know How Their Political Donations Are Being ...
New Republic
Every four or five years, it seems, progressives and the media discover ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, anew. I'm old enough that the latest "OMG!" reaction to the existence of the conservative legislative network, following the ...
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New Republic
Who owns the West?
The conflict between Progressives and Capitalists continued, with official government policy being to get federal land into the hands of private owners as quickly as possible. The government gave land to people who would live on it for five years.
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Opposition SNS campaigns on Easter
BELGRADE -- Officials the opposition Serb Progressives (SNS) campaigned in Belgrade today, congratulating Easter to the citizens and handing out Easter eggs to children. The party's main board member Marko Đurić said that the SNS "would not deal with ...
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Not so Supreme Court
Hernando Today
(HHS) Progressives of that era were attempting federal planning of the entire economy. Like the Soviet Union, the idea was to have government experts manage the economy through cooperation rather than competition. To give you some idea of the ...
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Event of the Day: Yates Progressives
Penn Yan Chronicle-Express (blog)
By Anonymous Representatives from the Vision 2020 Committee will discuss their efforts at the next Yates Progressives meeting on April 15 at Pinwheel Market and Cafe, 19 Main St., Penn Yan. Social hour starts at 6 pm, and the meeting gets underway at 7 ...
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Daily Kos: Progressive progressives!
By (DoctorNoren)
Noren VS Gillibrand This isn't about Senator Gillibrand being challenged by 3 Republicans.... The buzz about the war on women is valid. For example, disability policies for small business discriminate against women with higher rates. Zurich ...
Racist Framing and Action by White Progressives: Some Hard ...
By Joe
What I would also hope to see more of in the second edition is articulation of the ways in which progressive/liberal/radical social justice activists (some likely readers of your book) act out of the white racial frame, making their organizations and ...

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"Unexpectedly," Progressives Have Math ... - Townhall Finance
"Unexpectedly," Progressives Have Math Problems - John Ransom: Zerubbabel wrote: Fake President? Let's not be in denial he.
Author John Robbins, Other Progressives Denounce 'Thrive ...
There was quite a strong reaction to the Foster Gamble post about THRIVE yesterday. Here at disinformation we try to expose our visitors to multiple views on.

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