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Deja vu for Alberta's Progressives
Toronto Sun
By Ezra Levant ,QMI Agency Both were improbable candidates for the leadership of their respective parties, squeaking through in close-fought leadership contests. Campbell was 46 years old when she went to the polls as prime minister.
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Electoral battle for Alberta hinges on a changing Calgary
Globe and Mail
It pits traditional conservatives in the Wildrose camp against the PC mix of converted centrists, progressives and recent migrants to the province, which Ms. Redford says isn't the same as it was 20 years ago. As Alberta's election campaign narrows to ...
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Globe and Mail
Redrawn SF districts unlikely to bring major shifts
San Francisco Chronicle
Districts Five, Six and Nine are the progressives' province. Districts One, Three, Eight, 10 and 11 are considered swing. That's not likely to change. "I don't think you're going to see any big tilt," said task force Chairman Eric McDonnell, ...
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LETTER: Supports progressive legislative agenda
Bellingham Herald
What you may not know is that beside the mainstream Democratic centrist alternative, there was also a real alternative from the progressive caucus, the "Budget For All," voted on as the Honda Amendment. It repealed the Bush tax cuts, cut military ...
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The agenda behind private school vouchers
Washington Post
Which progressive officials might those be? The authors cite legislators in Alabama and Mississippi, hardly citadels of progressivity. The public officials pushing the hardest for school vouchers are anti-progressives, such as Republican governors ...
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Vatican II at 50, a gift from God misunderstood by conservatives and progressives
Traditionalist and progressive interpretations that developed after the event do not weaken its value and importance for today. Milano (AsiaNews) - The Second Vatican Council is 50 years old. The first session opened on 11 October 1962.
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Five Lies Allen West Told on Mark Levin's Show
Broward-Palm Beach New Times (blog)
He's since moved past that assertion and onto the (slightly) more reasonable discussion of the socialist, communist, and Marxist beliefs of "progressive" members of Congress, which he says he was talking about all along.
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Dangers of an all-white GOP
I want to be clear that conservatives are not inherently racists, just as progressives are not by default free of racism. While some conservative policies, such as restricting voting rights, cracking down on undocumented immigrants, and slashing the ...
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Most Conservative Congress in How Long?
Huffington Post
Starting with the early Progressive movement reforms Teddy Roosevelt got accomplished, the tea party GOP is trying to roll back all the progress our country has seen over the last century plus. Let's go back to those late 1890s Republicans -- who they ...
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What the "progressives" are doing to America | The Locker Room
By George Leef
Here is a sharp column by economics professor William Anderson in which he argues that "progressives" (a term that dates from the late 1800s; we now know that the statism these people demand leads not to progress, but to regress) are ...
JLF > The Locker Room
Netroots Wisconsin 2012 - a gathering place for Wisconsin ...
By Steve Hanson
Netroots Wisconsin 2012 wil be the gathering place for Wisconsin Progressives. We're working on a great day of sessions, panels, and discussions for people who want to see Wisconsin improve. We already have a number of proposed ...
Uppity Wisconsin - Progressive...

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What War? Progressives Fight On Behalf Of Mothers | Media Matters ...
Progressive legislators have consistently supported policies that benefit mothers and pregnant women, from passing the Affordable Care Act to supporting family ...
Do progressives respect stay-at-home moms? | Video | Fox News
Watch the latest politics, entertainment and breaking news videos at FoxNews. com.

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