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Alberta provincial election results 2012
National Post
The game changer was the rise of Danielle Smith's Wildrose party, which staked out a position to the right of the governing Progressive Conservatives. Wildrose has held a lead in opinion polls throughout the race. Its momentum has slowed in the ...
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National Post
Alberta PCs drop intolerance bomb
Toronto Sun
By Monte Solberg ,QMI Agency Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith (left), Progressive Conservative Leader Alison Redford (right), Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman (centre left) and Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason (not shown) took part in a leaders debate in ...
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E.J. Dionne: GSA, Secret Service scandals 'really bad for progressives ...
Daily Caller
On Sunday's "Meet the Press" on NBC, liberal Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne acknowledged that these scandals are problematic for the progressive/liberal cause. But, he said, in the case of the Secret Service, a 2002 incident showed that a ...
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Alberta voters face stark choices in Monday's election
THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh Alberta's Progressive Conservatives made their last pleas to voters ahead of Monday's election, which could end the party's 41-year-old dynasty in the province. Premier Alison Redford made last-minute campaign stops in ...
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GOP Congressman Allen West: Knucklehead of the week
The Star-Ledger -
They belong to the Congressional Progressive Caucus and early 20th century commies called themselves "progressives." When O'Brien pressed West for names, he refused to name any of his 80 — shadows of Sen. Joe McCarthy waving his infamous list.
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The Star-Ledger -
Letter: Progressive vision is bankrupt
When will our "progressives" learn? If they want to live elbow to elbow in maximum-density conditions including more traffic, pollution, crime, infrastructure problems, etc., feel free to move to San Francisco or Berkeley. People move here to get away ...
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Letter: Progressives still have hope
DO: discuss the subject, express yourself creatively, be polite, and cite and link to sources. DON'T: attack others, make unverified factual claims, excessively copy others, or use foul, derogatory, racist or violent language.
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Is It Time for Southern Democrats to 'Walk Out on the Porch, Pee, Pull the ...
Huffington Post
Unfortunately, I'm not sure that Southern Democrats understand the seriousness of their situation, know whether they want to be practical players or progressive voices, can overcome the legacies of race and racism, or can repair the rift between Yellow ...
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Blogs2 new results for Progressives
Wall Street 101 for Progressives, academics and career politicians!
By (Michael Haltman)
Academics, Progressives and career politicians know so little about how the real world really works, and for the most part they really don't care! Oh they may know a given financial markets name and possibly some of that markets jargon, but ...
The Political Commentator
Happy Earth Day to all Communists, Progressives, Eco-Warriors ...
By steve
I see the third main threat to individual freedom in environmentalism. To be specific, I do understand the concerns about eventual environmental degradation, but I also see a problem in environmentalism as an ideology. Environmentalism only ...

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A Vote to Amend: Progressives in Congress Support Constitutional ...
Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) voted unanimously Wednesday to endorse a declaration in support of a constitutional amendment to ...
The Young Progressives | 333 E Campus Mall #3156 | Madison, WI 53715 | 608- 561-7306. THE YOUNG PROGRESSIVES SUPPORTS KATHLEEN FALK'S ...

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