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Disappointing Tea Party
Governors Journal
In recent weeks reports from South Carolina and Florida have suggested the Tea Party base, important to the winning campaigns of governors Nikki Haley(R-SC) and Rick Scott(R-FL), is falling away. In each case, it's believed that loss of support may ...
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Governors Journal
The Tea Party Already Saved Taxpayers $300 Billion (Maybe a Half Trillion)
It is this scary scenario that gave birth to the Tea Party. The mainstream press has repeatedly tried to write the Tea Party's obituary as out-of-touch, ineffective, and having lost its steam. That the Tea Party has already saved taxpayers between $300 ...
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Local tea party skips tax-day rally
The Desert Sun
The local tea party is forgoing a tax day rally in hopes of finding better ways to spur civic involvement. The annual event was part of a nationwide movement that started in 2009 to support limited government and fiscal responsibility.
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Republican-tea party brand of health care
Or make health care essentially a privilege of wealth, which is the Republican-tea party plan. If the GOP-tea party is successful, the only way seniors will be able to get health care is if they have a lot of money in their 401(k) and in the value of ...
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Tea Party, Christian principles can align
Richmond Times Dispatch
Maxine Waters, D-Cal., said, "As far as I'm concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to Hell … and I intend to help them get there." As a leader in the Tea Party movement, and someone who happens to be a Christian with an alternative preference for my ...
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Commissioner candidates answer Tea Party questions
Winchester News Gazette
By BILL RICHMOND The Randolph County Tea Party Thursday evening hosted a public forum for candidates running for county commissioner. Republican Middle District commissioner candidates Troy Prescott (incumbent) and Mike Wickersham and Eastern District ...
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Lanier Tea Party to rally against 'excessive taxes'
Access North Georgia
By Staff GAINESVILLE - The Lanier Tea Party Patriots say they are ready voice their opposition to "big government, out of control spending and excessive taxes" at a rally Saturday, April 14. The group is coordinating what it is calling a "Tax Day ...
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Easter Tea Party at Warren View Manor
Derry Journal
An Easter tea party will take place at Warren View Manor next Wednesday11th April. Come along and enjoy an evening of excellent music, dance and craic Music by Eddie and Friends. Admission free but donations are welcome. There will be another open day ...
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Tea Party hosts tax day rally in Falls
Hudson Hub-Times
The Akron Tea Party in conjunction with liberty groups from Medina, Portage and Stark counties is sponsoring the "Rescue America Tax Day Rally" on April 15 starting at 2 pm at Falls River Square. Music begins at 2 and the program will run from 3 to 6 ...
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Joe Walsh: Obama Should Distance Himself From Muslim ...
By The Huffington Post News Team
U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, who was recently criticized for saying the national debate over birth control coverage is "not about women," issued a statement Friday calling on President Barack Obama to "distance himself" from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Video on Huffington Post
The Political Environment: GOP Enjoying Tea Party Suicide Pact
By James Rowen
In more than five years, and more than 9600 posts, this item about Scott Walker's penchant for false statements remains the most-read posting here. His updated score at PolitiFact: 27 of 43 statements have the word "false" in the ratings.
The Political Environment

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A Smashing Good Tea Party
(YouTube link) Breaking china turns into art when it's done in super slow motion. This requires ...

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