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Tea Party congressman: My colleagues are Communists
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Allen West, R-Florida, a Tea Party champion elected in 2010, has set off a storm of controversy by saying that a large number of his colleagues in Congress are Communists. West singled out the Congressional Progressive Caucus, of which Seattle's ...
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Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
House GOP Freshmen Face Opposition From Democrats, Tea Party In Re-Election Bids
Huffington Post
By Thomas Ferraro and Samuel P. Jacobs Republican Representative Michael Grimm's office was filled with conservative Tea Party activists one day last month and they weren't happy. Why, they asked, hadn't the first-term lawmaker done more to slash US ...
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Whither the Tea Party?
Washington Times
I speak of the Tea Party movement, the movement of 2009 and 2010 that was the hot news story of those years and led to the Republican rout of the Democrats in 2010. Now the Tea Party movement is, according to media reports, in decline.
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Washington Times
Whatcom Tea Party to hold Tax Day rally April 16
BELLINGHAM - For the fourth year in a row, local members of the tea party will rally along a heavily traveled stretch of Meridian Street for Tax Day. The group, which has changed its name from Bellingham Tea Party to Whatcom Tea Party, will rally along ...
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Tea Party Marine Triggers Reform
By Peter Surowski Sgt. Gary Stein got in trouble for his comments on this Facebook page, the Armed Forces Tea Party. A Temecula marine who is in trouble for making anti-Obama statements could cause the Pentagon to change its rules governing troop ...
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Major Tea Party rally planned for San Francisco Saturday
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
For at least a few hours on Saturday, San Francisco won't be nearly as liberal as usual: A major Tea Party demonstration is scheduled for 1 pm Saturday in Justin Herman Plaza. Tax Day (or Tax Day Eve) is a national holiday of sorts for the TP crew, ...
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San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Twin Tiers Tea Party to hold rally in Watkins Glen on Tax Day
Ithaca Journal
The Twin Tiers Tea Party will mark Tax Day -- April 15 -- with a rally Sunday in Watkins Glen. While federal tax returns are due by April 17 this year, April 15 is the traditional deadline for filing those returns. Because Tax Day falls on a Sunday, ...
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Lake View: The death of the Tea Party
By Anonymous It was a quiet and inglorious end to a once hopeful new political movement, but the Tea Party seems to be DOA. Where once the national news was filled with reports of their well attended rallies and hundreds flocked to what was hoped would ...
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Today in Looney Tea Party Theories
By Patrick Caldwell
With Rick Santorum finally out of the picture, the Romney campaign is reportedly starting its VP hunt, but there's no announcement on the immediate horizon. Recent hire Ed Gillespie will lead the search, according to Buzzfeed, and it will likely ...
The American Prospect
Tea Party sponsors Tax Day Rally at fort
By News Admin
The interpretive staff of the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument reported to Historic City News that the St Augustine Tea Party will be holding a rally for up to 3000 participants on the north green on April 14 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 ...
St Augustine St Johns County...
We Need Your Feedback: Who is Your VP Pick? | Tea Party Patriots
By Randy
... to We Need Your Feedback: Who is Your VP Pick? Comments in this section are not endorsed, nor authorized by Tea Party Patriots, Inc. If you feel a comment needs our attention, please click the 'flag' button located beneath the comment.
Tea Party Patriots
Is the IRS Targeting the Tea Party? | Fox News Insider
By Your World
Tax Target?! They say the IRS is taking aim at the Tea Party! So how are they fighting back? Neil has the exclusive interview with the head of the new alliance! On Your World today at 4p ET. According to an article on, "several of ...
Fox News Insider

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