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Tea Party will learn to love Mitt
Washington Times
By Timothy C. Daughtry With Rick Santorum suspending his campaign and Newt Gingrich admitting that Mitt Romney is the likely Republican nominee, the Tea Party's commitment to conservative purity is about to be tested in the fires of political reality.
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Washington Times
Fla. Gov. rejects Tea Party request to veto bill
Rick Scott, who rode into office with the support of tea party groups and other conservative organizations, rejected their request that he veto a wide-ranging energy bill. Scott instead announced on Friday that he would allow the bill (HB 7117) to ...
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Upsetting tea party, Scott allows energy bill to become law
Rick Scott disappointed tea party conservatives Friday by allowing a bipartisan energy proposal championed by Republican Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to become law without his signature. Scott was intensely lobbied to veto the bill by Americans ...
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Tea party hopes clout continues through Election Day
By Anthony Man, Sun Sentinel Three years ago Sunday, the tea party movement burst into public consciousness with large and loud demonstrations — and went on to jolt American politics. Born of fear and frustration during the depths of the Great ...
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Tea Party, Occupy to hold Tax Day rallies
Redlands Daily Facts
REDLANDS - The Redlands Tea Party Patriots and Occupy Redlands will pound the pavement Tuesday to hold individual Tax Day rallies at two locations within the city. The Tea Party will hold its rally - its fourth annual - from 5 to 7 pm at the corner of ...
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Tea Party Nation leader to Mitt Romney: Don't expect us to campaign for you
Judson Phillips, the head of the Tea Party Nation has a simple message for Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee: Don't expect us to campaign for you. "The tea party is not going to coalesce around Romney," he told the Daily Caller on Thursday.
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Scott defies tea party on renewable-energy bill
Orlando Sentinel
Rick Scott late Friday disregarded pressure from tea party and conservative groups and a controversial measure including tax breaks for renewable-energy production to become law without his signature. Scott's decision effectively gives a victory to ...
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Local Tea Party To Work "Inside The System" Rather Than Hold Tax Day Rally
The Chattanoogan
Officials said, "Well, here we are, April 13, 2012 and we have no Tax Day Tea Party event scheduled for this weekend. You may be wondering about that. Are rumors of the Tea Party's demise true? "Not hardly. In this, the fourth year of the Chattanooga ...
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Tea Party Tantrum - Hullabaloo
By digby
I love this story about the new Tea Party Senator from Wisconsin deciding that he doesn't want to have anything do all that icky legislating and so he's firing his staff in order to concentrate on "messaging." Steve Benen reports: Running as a ...
Stupid. 25% of tea party activists say they won't vote for Romney in ...
By The Right Scoop
Alternate headline: 75% of tea party are Republicans first. Stupid is voting for someone you oppose on the big issues of the day, just because "THe Party" insists. Oh and, the GOP was warned and went ahead with Romney anyway. Getting ...
The Right Scoop
Prison » Tea Party Accepts IRS Tax Exemption, Then ...
By admin
BOB ADELMANN New American April 13, 2012. A coalition of Tea Party groups has decided that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is making it too difficult for start-up Tea Party groups to qualify for tax exempt status and so is creating one to ...
Tea Party Leader | Mitt Romney Support | Elections 2012 | The Daily ...
By Alex Pappas
Tea party leader warns Romney: Don't expect us to campaign for you | 'Most of us will vote for Romney, but we will not be out there with signs for him or in his campaign'
The Daily Caller
Tea Party brews San Francisco waterfront rally | Erika Langdon ...
By Erika Langdon
A well-known populist movement will take over Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday— and no, it's not Occupy San Francisco. On the eve of the traditional. April 15 federal income tax deadline, the tea party will be demonstrating at the plaza to ...
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