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Tea Party adapting, still picking winners in changing political climate
Fox News
FIle: Tea Party supporters wear 'Hold the Line' t-shirts as dozens rallied near the US Capitol against raising the debt limit in Washington July 27.Reuters Three years after the Tea Party burst onto the national scene with its anti-tax message, ...
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The once formidable Tea Party is fading fast
Washington Times
ORLANDO, April 17, 2012 — Florida Tea Party activists descended on Lake Eola in downtown Orlando for the fourth annual "Tax Day Tea Party" event on Sunday. Organized by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative grassroots organization committed to ...
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Washington Times
The Tea Party's Mitt Romney Crisis
The Atlantic
PHILADELPHIA -- The Tea Party's worst nightmare has come to pass: Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican presidential nominee. For the movement that made its mark in 2010 chiefly by giving moderate, establishment Republicans a drubbing in primaries ...
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Tax Day Doesn't Belong to the Tea Party Anymore
Huffington Post
Back in 2009 and 2010, Tax Day protests were a high-water mark for the Tea Party; they were the mass actions that really put the right-wing movement on the map. But by 2011, as I wrote at the time, that was already changing. The Tea Party still had ...
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Colorado Tea Party quiet on Tax Day
Fox 31 KDVR.com
After three straight years of Tea Party members and supporters, holding signs, wearing pointy colonial hats, marking Tax Day with raucous rallies on the Capitol's west steps, the group's absence Tuesday was conspicuous. "Some of the adrenaline has gone ...
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Fox 31 KDVR.com
Tri-State Tea Party Welcomes Romney To Philly
by Don Gonyea Likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke before the Tri-State Tea Party Caucus in Philadelphia Monday night. Romney struggled to win the backing of Tea Party supporters during the Republican primary season.
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Tea Partiers Are Destroying the Legacy of the Republican Party
Huffington Post
Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment chronicles the Tea Party-inspired attempt to strip away trusted safeguards. Written by Bob Deans, a veteran journalist who now works for the NRDC Action Fund, the book describes the damage ...
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Massapequa Tea Party Holds 2012 Tax Day Rally
By Chris Boyle For the fourth time in as many years, the Massapequa Tea Party held their annual Tax Day rally on Sunday, filling the air with their voices, their signs, and their trademark "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden Flags. The social and political ...
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Joe Walsh Tells Tea Party Supporters To 'Grow Up' At Tax Day Rally (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
In the days leading up to Tax Day Tuesday, Tea Party-affiliated US Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) made the rounds to a series of Tea Party rallies in Illinois, calling for his constituents to "grow up" and touting the purchase of his new campaign ride: a used ...
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Romney speaks to Independence Hall Tea Party at 'tax day summit'
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Thomas Fitzgerald Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney speaks to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, which hosted a tax day summit Monday. With the Republican nomination in hand but skeptics remaining on his right, ...
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Tea Party | Tax Day Event | Wisconsin Recall | Chicago | The Daily ...
By Michael Volpe
Chicago tea party Tax Day event becomes Wisc. pep rally, folk music concert | Wisconsin lieutenant governor rallies supporters of Gov. Scott Walker, Breitbart editor breaks into song.
The Daily Caller
Tea Party rallies in Mission Viejo | kelsoe, lot, party - News - The ...
News: Tea Party rallies in Mission Viejo | kelsoe, lot, party, monday, rally, planning, viejo, republican, fourth, mission.
The Orange County Register -...
Daily Kos: Tea party losing support, but Mitt Romney is still ...
By rss@dailykos.com (Hunter)
So support is dwindling, at least everywhere but in the Republican primaries, where crabby middle-aged white guys are treated as royalty. Even so, Mitt Romney's still courting them. Monday he spent time at a Tea Party Summit in Philadelphia, ...
Daily Kos
Boortz Blames 'Rabid Shrew' Tea Party Mom for Bob Beckel's F ...
By Robert Stacy McCain
If you are familiar with the Tea Party movement, you almost certainly know that Jennifer Stefano of AFP Pennsylvania is one of the movement's most feisty, outspoken leaders. Last night on Hannity, veteran Democratic Party operative Bob ...
The Other McCain
Dick Lugar, The Tea Party, and (Here's Hoping!) The Future of ...
By Nick Gillespie
You remember Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), don't you? He's that guy back there by the dust-covered potted plant in the Senate (that would be Sen. Lautenberg), who's been hanging around for 36 years. So what's new? Mr. Lugar, who has not had ...
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Tea Party Support Stable, But Interest Is Waning
More than three years after its inception, the tea party continues to attract support from more than four in 10 Americans. But a new Washington Post-ABC News ...

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