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Can The Tea Party Remain A Political Force?
Taunton Daily Gazette
By mikes1voice [Note: Oklahoma is not the only state where some Tea Party "leaders" like the RIRO (Republican In Registration Only) Al Gerhart have soured many. Despite those problems, however, the Tea Party remains a potent force as this article shows ...
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Idaho representative takes tea party message to the media
By SEAN COCKERHAM WASHINGTON -- A freshman Idaho congressman, unsatisfied with news coverage dominated by the top members of the House of Representatives, has put together a group of tea party-backed freshmen who are trying to influence how bloggers ...
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Is the Tea Party Excited About Romney?
The Nation. (blog)
On Monday night Mitt Romney addressed 400 Philadelphia-area Tea Party activists at their third annual convention. Speaking in a marble rotunda at the Franklin Institute, a science museum, under a high domed roof, Romney was framed on stage by large ...
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The Nation. (blog)
Tea party favorite Jesse Kelly tapped to run in special election for Gabrielle ...
CBS News
Kelly is a businessman and tea party favorite who nearly unseated Giffords in 2010. The winner of the June 12 special general election will hold the seat until Giffords' term expires at the end of 2012. The race for the full term for the renumbered ...
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CBS News
Tea Party Faithful Gather To Protest High Taxes
Mesquite Citizen Journal
By John Taylor Taxed Enough Already was the rallying cry of the Mesquite Tea Party at their annual tax day rally at city hall on Tuesday, Apr. 17. An estimated 40 enthusiastic supporters showed up to speak out on their opposition to the government's ...
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Mesquite Citizen Journal
Rep. Kristi Noem: Romney Will Snag Tea Party Vote
Kristi Noem says Mitt Romney will have tea party backing in this year's presidential election because he's "willing to make tough decisions" to get the country back on the right track. "He will," the South Dakota Republican told Fox News' Greta Van ...
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McClintock: IRS harassing Tea Party
The Union of Grass Valley
It seems that Tea Party groups are now being treated very differently than their counterparts on the political Left. For the last two years, many have been stone-walled by the IRS when they have sought to register as nonprofits and most recently, ...
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TEA Party rallies faithful
Marshall County Tribune
Those observant soldiers were compared by Marrero to those who came to the TEA Party rally. "You're still interested in the fight, so you're still here," he said. Marrero quoted Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey as saying, "'It matters who governs,'" but the ...
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Tea party marks tax day with rally
Altoona Mirror
By Zach Geiger ( , The Altoona Mirror HOLLIDAYSBURG - The crowd may not have matched the scope and fervor of the tea party rally on the steps of the Blair County Courthouse four years ago, but those in attendance at the fourth ...
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Patriots Tea Party at fairgrounds
Village News Online
By Staff | Apr 18, 2012 Local Tea Party groups gathered at the Chesterfield County Fairground on Saturday at an event call Celebrate Liberty. Vendors for the event included the Chester Patriots group as well as number of groups from around the area ...
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Tea Party Warms To Romney (CHART) | TPM2012
By Kyle Leighton
Out of options, it seems that those who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters are coming home to the presumptive nominee all along, Mitt Romney.
TPM News
Maddow: Tea Party backlash could hurt GOP in November | The ...
By David Ferguson
Three of the big Tea Party success stories of 2010 were the elections of Republican Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Scott of Florida and Ohio's John Kasich. All three governors quickly embarked upon an agenda of undercutting the ...
The Raw Story
Tea-party ship leaves Gloucester; to arrive in Boston in time for real ...
By adamg
Good Morning Gloucester has photos of the Beaver, the first of three ships meant for the Tea Party Museum, leaving Gloucester on its way to Fort Point Channel. It's scheduled to arrive in the channel tomorrow morning, on the anniversary of ...
Universal Hub
Doug Ross @ Journal: Larwyn's Linx: The Tea Party: The greatest ...
By directorblue
Wednesday, April 18, 2012. Larwyn's Linx: The Tea Party: The greatest feminist movement? Send us tips! Bloggers: install a Larwyn's Linx widget. Get real-time news, 24/7, at BadBlue. Nation. The Tea Party: The greatest feminist movement?
Doug Ross @ Journal
Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert Accidentally Slams Mitt Romney For ...
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.
By now it should be quite clear that the only one excited about Mitt Romney being the Republican nominee is President Obama. After all, Romney can't even seem to get himself to show the emotion of excitement. But a group of Tea Party ...
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Y! Big Story: Tax day rallies, tea party and Occupy style | Trending ...
An extra two days for filing taxes? Why, more time to protest. In 2009, the Tax Day rallies crystallized a tea party moment. Three years later, the rallies continue, ...

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