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National tea party group says it will stay involved in Utah Senate race during ...
Washington Post
SALT LAKE CITY — The tea party movement solidified its presence as a force within the Republican Party two years ago when it helped orchestrate the defeat of three-term Sen. Bob Bennett at Utah GOP's nominating convention.
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Hatch withstands tea party opposition, for now
(AP Photo/The Deseret News, Laura Seitz) By Kevin Freking Associated Press / April 22, 2012 SALT LAKE CITY—The tea party movement solidified its presence as a force within the Republican Party two years ago when it helped orchestrate the defeat of ...
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Orrin Hatch close call in Utah: Tea party rising?
Christian Science Monitor
Orrin Hatch is favored to win reelection, but first he faces a primary election against tea party favorite Dan Liljenquist. Can Hatch avoid the fate of former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, ousted in 2010 by the tea party? By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff writer ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Allysia Finley: Can the Tea Party Defeat Dick Lugar?
Wall Street Journal
After 35 years in the Senate, the Indiana Republican faces angry voters and a talented tea-party challenger. By ALLYSIA FINLEY 'You can't beat up on Grandpa. You shouldn't beat up on Grandpa. But still, there comes a time when it's time.
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Is the tea party still relevant?
Washington Post
Is the tea party breaking up? After playing a dominant role in a number of elections in 2010 — Christine O'Donnell, anyone? — there is growing evidence that the power (and visibility) of the movement has faded somewhat of late.
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Why the tea party is bad for conservatives: A Republican speaks out
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
By Star-Ledger Guest Columnist MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty ImagesA tea-party supporter protest outside the US Supreme Court on the third day of oral arguements over the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 28 in ...
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The Star-Ledger - (blog)
End Of The Tea Party As We Know It?
Have we seen the end of the Tea Party movement? New York Times reporter Kate Zernike is the author of Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America. Host Rachel Martin talks with Zernike about the Tea Party's current relevance and influence in the political ...
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Let's have a tea party
Ledger Independent
On May 8, 2012, the Maysville Church of the Nazarene on Maple Leaf Road will host the 12th annual Ladies Tea Party. This, in the past, has been a wonderful evening with great appetizers, pastries and a great variety of tea. The event is sold out each ...
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No firebrand, Senate hopeful Leppert works to woo Texas tea party's fiscally ...
The Republic
The mostly soft-spoken, former Dallas mayor doesn't deal in verbal firebombs or spew enough anti-Washington venom to make the hearts of Texas tea party supporters skip a beat. But in a crowded US Senate Republican primary that includes the ...
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Central Wisconsin Tea Party members rally for rights at spring event
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
Reed Hall, former executive director of the Marshfield Clinic, speaks during a Central Wisconsin Tea Party rally Saturday. / Laura Schmitt/Marshfield News-Herald MARSHFIELD -- A local conservative talk radio host, a former Marshfield Clinic executive ...
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Another "novelty" swipe at a conservative Tea Party woman
By Michelle Malkin
The opposite of "novelty". Establishment Republicans are really getting unhinged by fresh, conservative voices — especially female and minority ones — who are on the rise. You'll recall that earlier this month, Romney supporter Ann Coulter ...
Michelle Malkin
Axelrod: Tea party 'reign of terror' blocked immigration reform | The ...
By David Edwards
Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod on Sunday explained that President Barack Obama had not accomplished comprehensive immigration reform because the tea party had driven mainstream Republicans so far to the right. "I think a lot ...
The Raw Story
Tea Party Republican Warns: Obama Will Commit Treason If Re ...
By Alan
Pennsylvania Republican Michael Fitzgerald told a fundraising audience that the president would turn traitor if re-elected. Specifically, Fitzpatrick claims President Obama will sell secrets to the Russians if he wins re-election in November.
Alan Colmes' Liberaland
Right Klik: The Tea Party is Not Dead
By Left Coast Rebel
GOP elders sympathize with the movement's ideas and want to channel whatever energy the decentralized groups offer for November. But when asked about the tea-party's influence in interviews here, the movement was always spoken of in ...
Right Klik
Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Axeldouche Accuses Tea Party Of ...
I hope the Tea Party is influencing Congress -God knows they need all the help they can get. .... The true panic for progressives of both parties would be an open, engaging and reinforcing dialog between Occupy and the Tea Party. To have ...
Weasel Zippers

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Orrin Hatch, Utah Senator, Staves Off Tea Party Opposition
SALT LAKE CITY — The tea party movement solidified its presence as a force within the Republican Party two years ago when it helped orchestrate the defeat of ...

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