Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Arizona Tea Party-Backed Bill Gutting Sustainability Efforts Advances
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- An Arizona Tea Party-backed bill that would gut government-run green programs in the state may have the support it needs to go before Gov. Jan Brewer (R). In a preliminary voice vote on Wednesday, the Arizona House approved a bill ...
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FreedomWorks: Tea Party Group Announces Utah And Indiana Senate Plans
Huffington Post
Pledging that a victory in the Indiana Senate primary will show Tea Party-backed candidates are "coming back with a vengeance," FreedomWorks for America outlined its plans for Senate races in Indiana and Utah. During a conference call with reporters, ...
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Gary Stein, Tea Party Marine Who Criticized Obama, To Launch Radio Program
Huffington Post
Gary Stein, the Marine set to be discharged over controversy concerning his anti-Obama, Tea Party-centered Facebook group, will launch his own radio program, he announced Thursday. "With help of a few people, the first internet radio episode has been ...
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How the Tea Party Could Push Democrats to the Left
Utah Policy
Greg Sargent argues getting rid of the moderate Democrats could have the same effect on Democrats that the Tea Party had on Republicans. How? Sargent says Congressional Republicans are terrified to oppose their party for fear of a conservative backlash ...
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Tea party group backing Mia Love
Deseret News
By Kevin Freking AP WASHINGTON — A national tea party group says it will be expanding its political work in Utah to include backing Republican Mia Love in Utah's newly created 4th Congressional District as she seeks to unseat Democratic Rep.
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Tea Party Group Ends Quest for Tax-exempt Status
The Nonprofit Quarterly
Remember the Tea Party's claims of discrimination in the way local groups were being treated by the IRS in their applications for tax-exempt—usually 501(c)(4)—status? The Tea Party groups that had filed with the "revenuers" claimed that the IRS's ...
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Arizona 'tea party' anti-sustainability bill advancing
by Emily Gersema - Apr. 25, 2012 09:33 PM Arizona "tea party" members in the House appear to have enough support to send a bill to Gov. Jan Brewer that would quash sustainability efforts in the state and cities. On Wednesday, the Arizona House, ...
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Canada's Alberta Province Rejects its Tea Party
Americas Quarterly (blog)
According to nearly all the opinion polls, Canada's oil rich province of Alberta was set to choose the Wildrose, Canada's version of the Tea Party, as its government. Instead, this past Monday (April 23 ) it decided to keep the incumbent and mainstream ...
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CNN's GUT CHECK for April 26, 2012
CNN (blog)
Bachmann, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination, specifically mentioned that she is reaching out to tea party activists and evangelical voters, in the interview set to air on "The Situation Room" today at 5:25 pm ET.
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Arizona Democrat: 'The Tea Party and Conspiracy Theorists Run the State Now'
Campbell told MSNBC that, "The tea party and conspiracy theorists run the state now." And while that might sound extreme to some, SB1507 does indeed include some vague accusations of a global conspiracy. The United Nations has enlisted the support of ...
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Girlfriends, Let's Talk About How to Convert a Democrat | Tea Party ...
By Keli Carender
OurMission. The Tea Party Patriots' mission is to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. Fiscal Responsibility; Constitutionally Limited Government; Free Markets ...
Tea Party Patriots

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