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A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012
New York Times
" Martin S. Indyk, a United States ambassador to Israel in the Clinton administration, said that whether intentional or not, Mr. Romney's statement implied that he would "subcontract Middle East policy to Israel." "That, of course, would be ...
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New York Times
Craffey: America at a crossroad politically, philosophically
Ventura County Star
Such a system has always been the bedrock of America's economic strength and has set us apart from other capitalist economies. But almost as important as the policy implications of both sides is the philosophical battle being waged.
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Mort Zuckerman: No Easy Solutions for Big Money in Politics
U.S. News & World Report
The right to contribute to political campaigns and political parties is held solely by individual citizens. Political campaign and political party contributions shall not exceed an amount reasonably affordable by the average American.
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President Obama reaches out to female voters
Boston Herald
He declared much of the recent political back-and-forth over women's issues "oversimplified." "Women are not some monolithic bloc. Women are not an interest group," the president told a group of policymakers and business leaders.
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Let us be Wary of Politicians Bearing Tales of Woe
Perhaps, our money side is as good as they try to convince us it is – what with oil and high commodity prices and the lot. The near-despair is due to one word: politics. Our politics is in a dark place the like of which we have not witnessed since the ...
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Obama constantly invokes Republican icons
Fox News
President Barack Obama is embracing an unlikely group of political icons as he tries to paint Republican challenger Mitt Romney as extreme: He's praising Republican presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.
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Republicans have a woman problem that Romney must take seriously
"It was the information in the news about these Republican politicians, talking, almost obsessively, about contraception,'' said McCann, 66. "It just blows me away. It's almost like they're dinosaurs. … I can tell you there's an army of us women who ...
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The Politics of Palestine
Huffington Post (blog)
It may still be possible to imagine a just political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, in the real world, politics is not the work of our imagination. Rather it is about power, those who have it and how they use it.
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Plus or minus? Jobs report leaves Obama, Romney campaigns unsure where vital ...
Chicago Tribune
WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's steady-but-modest job growth presents political challenges for both of November's all-but-certain presidential rivals. Republican Mitt Romney needs an ailing economy to fully exploit his image as a "Mr. Fix-It" who can ...
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Crowdfunded transmedia project "Moneyocracy" to document U.S. ...
By Tracy Boyer Clark
I recently learned about "Moneyocracy," a multimedia initiative consisting of a documentary, i-doc, and comic book by French photographers Gerald Holubowicz and Jean Nicholas Guillo. They are trying to raise $48000 to fund the project via ...
Innovative Interactivity (II)
Invictus: A blog on U.S. Politics and the Fight Against Torture
By Valtin
U.S. prisons, which hold well over 2 million human beings in incarceration, ranging from minimum security to Supermax prisons where people are kept in total isolation for years on end, are an abomination to humanity, a sign of the barbarity of ...

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ALEC: Shaping US politics behind the scenes - Inside Story: US ...
Who is behind the American Legislative Exchange Council and how much influence does the ...
The Islamphobia excuse in US politics
The Islamophobia Excuse by Philip Giraldi -- by Philip Giraldi, April 04, 2012 Print This | Share This It seems that the Republican.
"One of Us": Rick Santorum and the Politics of (Very Big) Family | (A ...
One big happy family [Photo illustration of the Santorum/Duggar mega-clan by RD Art Dept.] Kathryn Joyce Kathryn Joyce is the author of Quiverfull: Inside the ..."one_of_us"%3A_rick_santoru...

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