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Famed Fenway Park becomes hot prop of political campaigns
His autumn opponent, President Barack Obama, openly fills out a bracket for the annual US college basketball tournament, selecting the teams he thinks will win. He also openly roots for his hometown Chicago White Sox. POLITICS AND RED SOX In tribute to ...
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Rubio, in Appeal to GOP's Conscience, Urges Compromise on Dream Act
New York Times
... but would be significantly more permissive than anything most Republican politicians have been willing to accept. "We have these very talented young people in America who find themselves in limbo through no fault of their own," said Mr. Rubio, ...
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New York Times
Copter crashes in Afghanistan with 4 US troops
The Seattle Times
By ROBERT BURNS AP National Security Writer How many lives will we waste until our politicians get over their bloodlust and stop... (April 19, 2012, by Tyrone Shoelaces) MORE A US Army helicopter crashed on a nighttime mission in southwestern ...
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Obama oil margin plan could increase price swings
Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) - US President Barack Obama's bid to dampen the influence of oil speculators by having regulators set trading margins could backfire, potentially making prices even more volatile and leaving crude dominated only by those with the deepest ...
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New Keystone route requires months of review
CNN International
The 1700-mile pipeline, intended to carry between 500000 and 700000 barrels of crude oil a day, has become a political lightning rod in the United States. Last year, the Obama administration postponed a decision on the pipeline until 2013, ...
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Obama's Neo-Pragmatism Or Just US Politics? – OpEd
Eurasia Review
Frankly speaking the decision came by no surprise to many international relations experts since Obama, even though the president, still a politician, saw the public opinion polls backing a reduction in US forces following the death of Osama bin Laden.
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OP-ED: Decisions on Cuba Rooted in Politics, Not Principle
US President Barack Obama vetoed Cuba's attendance at this month's Summit of the Americas in Colombia for domestic political reasons. He was not alone in applying domestic considerations. Every other hemispheric leader adopted a position on Cuba that ...
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Rove rides again, as a force behind Romney
Chicago Tribune
American Crossroads, the other wing of Rove's machine, has raised $27 million, more than any other political action committee (PAC) involved in the presidential race except Restore Our Future, a Super PAC that supports Romney.
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Op-ed: Wars on and among women shape US politics
Pasadena Star-News
The casus belli was Hilary Rosen, a Washington political consultant and analyst on CNN but not an "Obama adviser," as Mitt Romney's staff quickly labeled her. Rosen criticized Romney for fobbing off women's economic issues on his wife, Ann, ...
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There's No Politics Like Show Politics - The American Prospect
By Tom Carson
Brought to us by The Thick of It and In The Loop creator Armando Ianucci and starring Julia-Louis Dreyfus as ditzy, vainglorious Vice President Selina Meyer, Veep, which premieres Sunday, is HBO's bid to break TV's long-standing jinx on ...
The American Prospect
Opponents downplay Perry's endorsement of Dewhurst for U.S. ...
By Kolten Parker
David Dewhurst's campaign is likely to be celebrating National High Five Day with just that after the biggest name in Texas politics endorsed Dewhurst for retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's open seat. Rick Dunham in the Washington ...
Texas Politics
House passes GOP small business tax cut – CNN Political Ticker ...
By kevinliptak
Bill for GA you are right, some of these roads and bridges are down right scary yet the republicans are playing politics with our safety! April 19, 2012 02:22 pm at 2:22 pm |. vic , nashville ,tn. We don't need tax cut, tax cut won't help us to expand ...
CNN Political Ticker
US helo crashes in Afghanistan with 4 US troops | National Politics ...
A U.S. Army helicopter crashed on a nighttime mission in southwestern Afghanistan on Thursday, and initial reports from the scene indicated that as many as four soldiers may have been killed, a U.S. defense official said. -- Home Page
US Congressional paralysis | openDemocracy
By Marcus How
The political landscape in the US is thus shifting, and the contradictions within the system are coming visibly to the fore. However, in the next few years it is more likely that the parties are going to change rather than the system itself, although ...

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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Vatican opens new front in its war ...
One of America's most influential progressive political blogs, providing news analysis of US politics, by John Aravosis in Washington DC.
us-politics-republicans-democrats - Outside the Beltway
us-politics-republicans-democrats. Back to the Article. About Doug Mataconis Doug is an attorney in private practice in Northern Virginia. He holds a B.A. in ...

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