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Senate Votes to Reauthorize Domestic Violence Act
New York Times
WASHINGTON — The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and expand its reach to American Indians and homosexuals, after Republicans opted to sidestep an expected partisan brawl. But a political fight ...
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New York Times
Politics stands in the way of nuclear plant's future
But while plenty of politicians whose districts could benefit from the project support it, the Piketon plant remains stymied by a political standoff. Many Republicans who back the project — called the American Centrifuge Project — have savaged the ...
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With GOP's Ear, Rubio Pushes Dream Act Proposal
New York Times
MIAMI — When Senator Marco Rubio first floated his compromise version of the Dream Act — the bill, now stalled, that would grant some students in the United States illegally a path to citizenship — the chances of reviving the politically charged ...
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US, Japan reach deal to move forces, as 9000 US Marines will be relocated from ...
Fox News
Top US government officials publicly apologized for the crime, but tensions continued to grow despite a strong desire by Tokyo and Washington to maintain their historically close military and political alliance. The accord was timed for completion and ...
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For Paul's true believers, a study in American optimism
Walking around a Paul campaign event is somewhat like a lesson in American political constituencies. Though Paul is a Republican with Libertarian ideals, many of his followers do not fit that mold. There are common Republicans and Democrats who find ...
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US gov't: Over past 5 years, 68000 guns from US seized in Mexico, all ...
Washington Post
Calderon credited President Barack Obama with making an effort to reduce the gun traffic, but said Obama faces "internal problems ... from a political point of view." There is Republican opposition in Congress and broad opposition from Republicans and ...
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Al-Qaida may be looking to avenge bin Laden's death, says Obama spokesman
ABC News
The White House warned Thursday that al-Qaida affiliates still hunger to strike inside the United States, possibly to avenge Osama bin Laden's death, but said there was "no credible evidence" of an active plot timed for the anniversary of the al-Qaida ...
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Ex-prostitute threatens to sue US embassy over injuries sustained in Brazilian ...
ABC News
A 31-year-old former Brazilian prostitute told Reuters she plans to sue the US embassy over injuries she said she suffered outside a strip club in Brasilia late last year. Romilda Aparecida Ferreira, the ex-prostitute, is threatening to file a civil ...
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Hard-line Iraqi cleric urges political unity
U.S. News & World Report
Hard-line anti-US Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr flew to Iraq's northern Kurdish region, in what was billed as a historic visit, to meet with its president over how to end the months-long political impasse. The mini-summit underlined the explosiveness ...
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US, Japan unveil revised plan for Okinawa
* 2006 plan long stymied by political opposition * Futenma base issue unresolved; smaller facilities to move * US officials say it supports Asia-Pacific rebalancing (Updates throughout with agreement details, quotes) By Paul Eckert WASHINGTON, ...
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U.S. Senate finance reports leave more questions than answers ...
By Eric Russell
AUGUSTA, Maine — As the 13 candidates for U.S. Senate canvass the state ahead of the June 12 primary, campaign finances may not be on voters' minds, but the topic certainly will be on candidates' minds. Campaign finance reports for the ...
Bangor Daily News
The Presidential Election and US-China Relations ...
By Jacob Stokes
I have a new piece up at China-US Focus that looks at how presidential politics will affect the Sino-American relationship. Here's the key paragraph: Ultimately, the 2012 U.S. presidential election will have a long-term effect on Sino-American ...
South Dakota Politics: Arizona v. United States
By K. Blanchard
States cannot act where Congress is has the exclusive authority under the Constitution (deciding who can legally enter the U.S., for example) nor can a state legislate in a way that is contrary to federal law. Neither seems to be the case here.
South Dakota Politics

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The Maddow Blog - Why the U.K. recession matters in U.S. politics
Joe Weisenthal published a pretty remarkable chart today, created by Reuters' Scotty Barber, noting economic growth in the United States, United Kingdom, and ...
Activism News: For Beginners to US Politics: View 10-minute Video ...
For Beginners to US Politics: View 10-minute Video on Citizenship. From: Citizenship Video | The Center on Congress at Indiana University. In our American ...

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