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Hardly a Close Ally, Clinton Teams With Obama to Raise Cash and Votes
New York Times
The 44th president is enlisting the 42nd president, both as a historical validator of his own leadership and as a PIN to one of the richest ATM's in American politics. Rather than viewing him as a relic of the past, Mr. Obama is embracing Mr. Clinton ...
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Ryan's Rise From Follower to GOP Trailblazer
New York Times
Regardless, he is likely to remain near the center of the political tussle. He is among the handful of people most often mentioned as both a 2012 vice-presidential nominee and a future presidential candidate. Grover Norquist, the Republican strategist ...
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New York Times
'Osama killing has fundamentally altered US political landscape'
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: A senior American political columnist, John Avlon, has said President Barack Obama's decision to give the green signal to a Navy Seal raid that killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has fundamentally altered the US political landscape.
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The Politics of Faith and American Exceptionalism
Huffington Post (blog)
First, America may soon have a president of Mormon faith, Mitt Romney, who served as a Mormon missionary and bishop before becoming a politician. Second, Rick Santorum, the runner-up in the GOP primaries, led a campaign focused on religious moralizing.
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GOP says Obama playing politics with bin Laden anniversary
Gillespie, a former aide to former President George W. Bush and former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said utilizing the raid for political purposes is one of the reasons Obama has "become one of the most divisive presidents in American ...
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Obama aide mum on whether US protecting activist
The Seattle Times
The US relationship with China is "very important," he added, "so we're going to make sure that we do this in the appropriate way and the appropriate balance is struck." Chen's escape comes at a politically sensitive time for the US This week, ...
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US special forces help in hunt for warlord Kony
"There's periods of time when the LRA will lie low when the military pressure is too high or where there's a threat that they don't understand such as the American intervention," said Matthew Brubacher, a political affairs officer with the UN's mission ...
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Is America's Economic Recovery Built To Last?
ABC News (blog)
"There was a decision made to intervene to allow us to diversify the economy. And as a result, Michigan is now seeing a recovery." Former US Comptroller David Walker, the nation's former chief auditor, said that neither political party was presenting ...
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ABC News (blog)
Obama Campaign Grapples With New Voter ID Laws
New York Times
"We are not allowing laws that are challenging and put in our way to stop us from doing what we need to do." Advocates of the new laws, which have been passed in about 30 states since the last presidential election, say they are necessary to prevent ...
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Johnson biographer Caro says political genius is his subject
Reuters India
"What I'm interested in, and what I think all my books are, or what they try to be, is about different aspects of political power," Caro, his voice hoarse from previous interviews, told Reuters by phone from his New York office. As far as US political ...
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Oil Politics | American Free Press
During an April 11 interview, "Power of Prophecy" founder Texe Marrs asked this writer, "Did you know that last year the U.S. exported more oil to foreign nations than it imported?" Yes, you read that correctly. And with energy costs higher than ...
American Free Press
Obama aide mum on whether US protecting activist
Obama aide mum on whether US protecting activist - A top White House aide on Sunday said President Barack.
Politics & Government

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Newt Gingrich: what went wrong? - The Arena | POLITICO.COM
The issue isn't what went wrong; Newt was never right for this time and moment in Republican or American presidential politics. His candidacy was always an ...

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