One of the things that players of Happy Aquarium want more than anything else is to adopt a baby sea turtle. These cute little creatures are not only a fun addition to the game, but the fate you end up saving them from when you adopt them is almost too cruel to repeat. But, to get your very own sea turtles, there are a few hoops you need to jump through. Here are some things to consider when you start trying to adopt a baby sea turtle and how you can speed up the process.
What Do You Need to Adopt a Baby Sea Turtle?
To adopt a baby sea turtle, you need to go out and find some neighbors. You cannot get your own sea turtle in the game. Rather, what will happen is you will get a notification that says a sushi chef has found a turtle and is about to make it into soup. You can then choose to post the notification and save the baby turtle from its fate before it gets skewered. Then, your friends can choose to adopt the turtle. The first friend to click on the newsfeed item and adopt the turtle will get the turtle in their tank.
It takes 72 hours after you get the baby sea turtle to raise them to adulthood and sell them. The total profit is a little over 100 coins and you can have more than one baby sea turtle at a time. All the more reason to have as many friends as possible.
Other Ways to Get Sea Turtles
To get the original baby sea turtle, you must click on a friend's notification. However, you can also buy special limited edition sea turtles from the shop using your pearls. There is a pink one in there right now and there have been others in the past of different colors to enjoy. Ultimately though, the easiest way to get your sea turtle is to just have a few friends and be online for a good chunk of time each day.
The key to success in any Facebook game is to have a lot of neighbors. In Happy Aquarium,that holds doubly true. Don't underestimate the importance of going out there and finding people who are equally as interested in this game as you are. You will gain far more benefits than just a simple baby sea turtle. However, you can't over state just how cute and fun it is to have that sea turtle floating around in your tank.

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