Many people believe that you need mechanical skills to make an electric car. But, making an electric car is actually quite simple if you have something to guide you along the way.

So what's so great about building an electric car? By far the best benefit is you will no longer have to pay for expensive gasoline! Some other good benefits are: A quieter Engine and you will help the environment (No More Pollution from your vehicle).

How Do I get Started?

You Will Need A Step-By-Step Guide on How to make an electric car
A friend to give you an extra hand
A place to do the work (Garage, Shed, Driveway)
Some Basic Tools- cordless drill, saws, wrenches, maybe a socket set…

In order to start, you will need a vehicle. The best vehicle to convert to electric is Small Cars. One of the main problems is that batteries take a good amount of space up, but a good detailed conversion guide will show you how to avoid this problem.

All the parts needed are actually quite simple to find.  After one week of work, my car was complete and  is now fully electric car!

One of my favorite memories with my electric car was driving by my local gas station and laughing at the 4.00 dollar a gallon price. You might not know this, but gas prices are expected to be around 7.00 dollars a gallon by the end of next year. Don't you think it would be smart to convert your car to electric?

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