Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Make (or Order) a Healthy “Lean-Body Margarita”

I'm sure you know that most Margaritas are a disaster for your body… some popular Margaritas can have as much as 500 calories, mostly from all of the sugar or high fructose corn syrup in the sour mix used or from added agave syrups that are added many times.healthier margarita

Remember from a few of my past articles, while I don't advocate getting full blown drunk if you want to have a lean and healthy body, I also want to be realistic and know that most people have no desire to give up drinking altogether… and I believe it can be perfectly healthy to have a few drinks a couple times week.

In fact, some studies even show moderate drinking of alcohol (1-2 drinks a day 3-4 days a week) can possibly extend lifespan and improve health.

Personally, I love red wine and I've also been enjoying my own version of a "lean-body Margarita" recently.

If you want to be lean, a typical Margarita when you're having a couple drinks with friends is one of the WORST things you can order, and all of that sugar or corn syrup is going to do nothing but go straight to your belly flab.

But there is a way to enjoy delicious Margaritas WITHOUT all of the sugar or corn syrup…

First, how to order a low-sugar healthier margarita at a bar

If you're ordering at a bar, make sure the bartender is 100% clear that you don't want any sour mix in your margarita. Make sure they don't add any agave nectar either, as that is just pure sugar as well.  There's nothing healthy about agave nectar despite the healthy sounding name.  Just tell them you want nothing but tequila, a little triple sec or cointreau, and a little club soda.  And then you want 5 or 6 (or more) lime wedges to squeeze into the drink.  I'll usually use a whole lime if they can give it to me.

This modified margarita has very little sugar and even has the health benefits of the fresh limes too.  You can easily save 400 calories on this compared to just ordering one of the standard Margaritas off of a typical menu that is loaded with sugar.

Now, if you want to go one step further, here is my Super-Human Margarita recipe I've been playing with lately… this may sound weird, but I've honestly had at least a dozen friends try this and every single one of them LOVED this margarita recipe!

Geary's Super-Human Margarita Recipe

Into a glass, mix:

Mix all of these with a spoon in an ice filled glass…. and voila, you've got about the healthiest mixed drink that's possible!  and delicious too!

By adding the Superfoods-Cocktail mix (that's what I call it), even though this has about 76 superfood ingredients like greens, probiotics, exotic mushrooms, enzymes, etc, it also has a nice fruity sweet flavor (with no added sugar) that goes perfectly with a Margarita.

I think you'll be shocked how delicious this is!  All of my friends I've made this for loved it.

Remember that heavy drinking will definitely hurt your efforts for a lean and healthy body, but 1-2 drinks a couple days a week I think can actually be a healthy part of your plan.  Drink responsibly, and make it a healthy drink!

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