Squat Considerations:

  1. I am Falling Forward in the Hole
    1. Technique – Keep the elbows facing downward, the chest up and don't let your air out
    2. Strength – incorporate more 45 degree back extensions, good mornings (with various bars), kb pullthroughs, pull-ups, bottoms up squats or chain suspended squats,
  2. I Get Stuck in the Hole
    1. Technique – Don't let the weight shift, make sure it is centered in the middle of your foot, band resisted squats, pause squats, kb front squats
    2. Strength – incorporate more full range back squats, improve ankle mobility, lunge variations
  3. I Can't Get Low Enough
    1. Technique – for back squats place with the foot position, slightly wider or narrower to find your particular groove, try different bar positions on your back as well
    2. Mobility – improve ankle, hip and upper back mobility

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