Monday, April 30, 2012

I found a great Evony game guide

I've been playing Evony for the past 4 weeks and to tell you the truth, I was very discouraged at how slowly I was building and how the game actually works. I asked and asked questions but all of the people that I asked, I'd have to decide if they were telling me the truth. (Ctrl and F4 are NOT helpful) What a bunch of dummies these people in world chat are. After I finally joined an alliance, a lot of people didn't seem to even want to help me. I guess they have to repeat the answers to all the questions so often, they just stop responding to questions after awhile. I began looking through forums and other sites only to find that the information was so jumbled up and unorganized that I almost stopped playing.

Then I found the evony game guide. The evony game guide was so helpful. Almost 100 pages of tips and secrets. Attack strategies and defence strategies in the evony game guide are a great help. I decided to start a second server and follow the step by step evony game guide to building a city and I was completely blown away from how fast my prestige grew. My city was growing so fast and the resources were flowing into my city. The evony game guide is not just for newbies. Its for more experienced players too. I received a few updates to the evony game guide within a day or two. The guide just keeps getting better and better. The use of images to describe a well built city compared to a poorly built city was helpful.

A great area in the evony game guide that teaches you what is found in each of the npc cities was very helpful. Teaching me how to only attack npcs up to level 5 for resources so I don't have any troop losses and how to attack higher ones for not just the resources but the experience points for my heros.

I was very excited to find this great evony game guide and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning more and growing faster in evony.


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