Saturday, April 7, 2012

Information About Battlefield 3

Being the much anticipated game of the year in itself is a reason good enough to make a purchase. However there is more to it for the more serious and discerning gamer. Those gamers who absolutely get their trills from one army blow out or another will be equally trilled with the inception on the battlefield 3 design. Perhaps the hype centered around the competiveness of the already up and running and ever so popular Call of Duty and the new kid on the block which is Battlefield 3. When two competitors are focused on out doing each other to create the best possible gaming scenario the results are delightful and encouraging to say the least.
The more notable and seemingly authoritative players seem to further endorse this much anticipated release with some going as far as to state the awe inspiring and distracting and immersive experience promised all definitely present. The use of a greatly enhanced sound frame, the massive battlefields, the disintegrating cover, the vehicles, the element that encourages the players to get interactive and spontaneous, coupled with the newer levels of wonderful graphical content and detail all contribute to the enhanced, sharpened and captivating experience.
The experience of selecting the best team to put together in terms of medic, assault, engineer and sniper also presents a welcomed challenge for the gamer as this plays a very important difference between a win or lose situation. The need to find the perfect balance of classes is vital to the final outcome as instant disaster tags the wrong choices made. The realistic game play delivered is an enormous factor for the multiplayer of battlefield 3. Adding to this the assistance of the analysis done for the playing styles does give the multiplayer a better overall frame of the chosen team.
This game is not for newbies without a guide. If you want to find a very good guide that will accelerate your learning curve, I suggest you grab 'T Dub's' Battlefield 3 Secrets which is really good at teaching you how to master all the elements above.



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