Monday, April 30, 2012

Jolly Rancher Landscaping

When Frank, Jr. came home from college last summer, he quickly discovered all the good summer jobs were done. Even all the not-so-good summer jobs were gone. But Frank, Jr. is one resourceful character, going to college and all. If there wasn't a job for him out there, he was going to make one. He got to work on his computer, and he printed up a few signs and a bunch of oor-hangers. Then, he went around the neighborhood, and wherever he saw a lawn looking raggedy or a garden in serious need of weeding, he jotted down the address, put a hanger on the door, and made a note to follow-up. A few people called and booked Frank, Jr. for a mow. When they called, Frank, Jr. used his reverse phone look-up service to get all their data, and after the mow, he sent a note and an e-mail, thanking the people for their business. Meanwhile, Frank, Jr. also followed-up with the folks where he had left the door-hangers. With just their addresses and a reverse look-up service, he could find the folk's names and numbers; and because the people were his neighbors, Frank, Jr. mostly just called to introduce himself. "Oh, by the way," Frank, Jr. just happened to mention, "I do landscaping." And a few more people booked Frank, Jr. for a mow or a good weeding. Frank made sure he thanked all of them, too. When he had a pretty good clientele, Frank, Jr. sent mailers to all his people, pointing out he could do all kinds of landscaping jobs—fix their sprinklers, rebuild their fences, plant some trees, spread some fertilizer, dig-out those nasty old stumps, give them the prettiest yards on their blocks. And more people called back for more services. By the end of that summer, Frank, Jr. went back to State-U with more money than ever before.

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