There are a lot of different things you'll need to focus on as you play Happy Aquarium. The one thing that many players get stuck up on early though is leveling in Happy Aquarium. The game is a tough one to level up in if you don't utilize all the tools that are given to you. Since there are new levels being added to the game seemingly every week too (right now it's at 42), the game just continues to go forward, forcing players to find new ways to snag the XP they need to progress. If you're one of those looking for tips to help with leveling in Happy Aquarium, here are some tricks you can use to help you out.
How Leveling in Happy Aquarium Works
The leveling track in Happy Aquarium works very similar to the rest of the Facebook games. You will gain XP for every action you perform – from buying and selling a fish to cleaning your tank. You will then need to get about 200,000 of those points to reach the upper levels of the game. As a result, it takes only a few days to reach level 10, but can take an additional few weeks to get to the top of the game when you don't have the necessary tools to speed up the process.
Fast Tracks to Level 40 and Beyond
There are a few ways to speed up your leveling. To start with, you can go out and find new friends. Each friend will gain you XP when you visit them each day to clean their tank, snag coins from their treasure chests or send them gifts. You will also gain a lot of XP from buying and selling items in the store. Since the resale rate when returning items you already bought is 80%, you can make a nice big profit from reselling items that you might not need or that you just want to flip for easy XP.
If you're interested in leveling in Happy Aquarium, you need to spend a few minutes developing strategies that will allow you to play the game as fast and as effectively as possible. Don't waste time on fish that you can't get back to soon enough to feed and make sure you have lots of friends you can utilize for XP boosting activities. Train your fish, mate your fish, and sell them quickly. These are all things that will boost your XP gains and help you reach level 42 faster than you ever thought possible.

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