Thursday, April 12, 2012

largest online bookstore

Amazon is the largest online bookstore and last year their sales of digital download books for their Kindle exceeded their sales of printed books. This proves that there is a huge market for digital download books which is steadily growing and therefore this is a good opportunity for people to generate extra income.

Of course one of the huge advantages with publishing digital books through Amazon is that all of the marketing is taken care of for you as well as processing the sales and the website maintenance which leaves you free to concentrate on creating your own e-books for Publishing on Amazon.
There are literally thousands of public domain books available freely on the internet so there is no cost involved for you to source books.

Once you have found the books you would like to publish all you have to do is format them correctly and publish them.
Screen shots in the e-book show you exactly what to do. There are also helpful hints to guide you along the way to fill out the forms properly.

A very valuable section of the book Publishing Public Domain Books Through Amazon</a> covers how to deal with the numerous Amazon emails that you will get when you start publishing. These emails can be very daunting to the first time publisher. However, having a copy of the exact email and the instructions on what to do with the email is invaluable.

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